Thursday, May 10, 2007

PUTERA MIC .....Here we come !!!!

Hello everyone and I do hope that you are all doing well and fine. I must say SORRY to you for not being able to post in my blog for sometime.

If I don’t write anything now, my buddy Mr. Thomas Samuel will probably be making an announcement soon that my blogspot is now officially dead! Hmmm, I will never let that happen. I am busy but will somehow mati, mati find some time to write here.

Its friends like Mr. Thomas, Mr. Mahen and my Puterans’ keep me going in this blogspot. Thank you guys…but please do give a knock on my head from time to time so that I will continue and remember that I have a blog and I must write about it. No use boosting that I am one of the few MIC guys who actually blog. Now its not only my name at stake – its me and MIC and some may even link it to BARISAN NASIONAL and later to the GOVERNMENT. Look at the effect, if I don’t blog !

I have been rather busy with my work and also some traveling to Machap in Malacca and Ijok in Selangor to do my bit (a little ) – but I am sure that it did bring in some valuable votes to the party that I have been supporting – BARISAN NASIONAL.

While Machap as expected was a breeze, the same could not be said for Ijok. Ijok was NO JOKE! We all worked very hard to ensure that BARISAN NASIONAL keeps the Ijok State Assembly Seat. I must say that MIC President Dato’ Seri S Samy Vellu who is actually 71 years old (young) showed many young politicians (like me) what getting to the grass root means. He was there, day – night, rain – shine, walked and walked – from house to house. This is what I mean ‘GRASS ROOT POLITICIAN’.

Like some of the websites claim – There are 10 reasons by BARISAN NASIONAL won in Machap and Ijok and Dato’ Seri S Samy Vellu’s name was in both the list.

While we were all happy with the vistory in Ijok, I must say that to a certain extent I was disappointed that my prediction of a majority of 2,000 votes did not happen (fell short by 150 votes). Now that’s not important any longer. My friend K Parthiban is a guy that would deliver and I am sure he will not only be able to make the people in Ijok happy, but he would be able to make MIC and BARISAN NASIONAL proud of him.

Ijok by-election was the first ever opportunity for my Puterans’ to be actively involved and as such I will never forget Ijok.

My Puterans’ did better than what I thought they could have done. We did not have anything, we only had a gentleman by the name of S VELL PAARI and he helped us and guided us to ensure that we did our share of work to ensure that MIC and BARISAN NASIONALS candidate succeeds in the election.

The presence of the MIC President YB Dato’ Seri S Samy Vellu at our temporary office and his word of advice to all Puterans’ was indeed an endorsement to my fellow Puterans’.

‘I am indeed very happy with this beginning, this is a very good start and I am sure you will make all of us proud’ this was the words from YB Dato’ Seri S Samy Vellu.

Putera MIC would be an official entity of MIC come 13th of May 2007 and we are all looking forward to in.

MY Views… Putera MIC is here to provide all of us a better tomorrow and this can only happen with your advice, support and motivation. Please do not be too selfish in giving us just that.