Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I received an email from 'a commoner' and i would like to share with you.
While im not shocked with the content of this email but im dissapointed with people who are planning to destroy a political party just because they did not get what they wanted to.
Here is the email for your reading;
"I will destroy the MIC at any cause". That was the phrase told by the former MIC deputy president, or would be even better to be said, the recently defeated candidate for the Deputy Presidency post, Dato Subramaniam

The man, who went against the president’s choice, seemed to be showing his true color now by seeking new avenue thru political entities. The man, who once promised to bring changes for the party, has now become the guardian of newly born party, “Makkal Sakthi”. Dato Subramaniam’s associate, Mr Oms Thiagarajan, a leading Indian businessman in the city who has been funding Dato Subra during the MIC election in September, also, funding for the infant party in monitories ways.

Dato Subra, is a betrayer, a word that describes well about him, a man without a principle. If ever he were to be the President for the Makkal Shakti party, it’s going to be a big shame for the community for accepting a betrayer as a leader. Makkal Sakthi party’s objective which was to support Keadilan party and get rid of UMNO dominated Barisan Nasional, but today the objective is over turned by inviting UMNO President to launch the party. This clearly shows the fundamental basis of party formation is simply for personal gain of several people, including Dato Subra who wishes to extend his political mileage and political gain and not for uplifting the Indian community.

Forming more Indian based parties will eventually break the unity of Indian community, and knowing this, Dato Subra being the man behind Makkal Sakthi. His promises after last general election which was to work with MIC to bring back the support and unity among the Indians has gone with the wind. Today, this man being double headed, for his gain, but community’s lost

-a commoner-
The opinion above is not mine but i am merely posting an email i received so that people know how desperate one can be.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


At any cost – Tan Sri Isa Samad should not be the (National Front) Barisan Nasional’s candidate for the Bagan Pinang bye-election, so says the former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

But, during the recently concluded MIC’s 63rd General Assembly, the prime minister – YAB Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib bin Tun Razak said ‘its no use being popular within the party, but it is very important to be popular amongst the people’. Well said and I agree with him in total.

Now, where does Tan Sri Isa Samad come in?

It is indeed true Tan Sri Isa Samad was found guilty of money politics during an UMNO assembly in 2004 - despite winning the Vice-President’s position and holding a minister’s portfolio – he stepped down from all responsibility and fulfilled the sentence which was given to him (his suspension was from 2005 till 2008)

During the suspension, Tan Sri Isa Samad did not dump UMNO, did not join an opposition party, neither did he form another political party – He remained loyal to UMNO, Barisan Nasional and the most important thing he did was - he remained very much in touch with the people.

The most important thing for Barisan Nasional now is to win the bye-election in Bagan Pinang and everyone in the coalition must ensure that support the candidate who can win the election and not a candidate who is popular in the party.

Tan Sri Isa Samad is a popular choice in Bagan Pinang, this is not based on hear-say, but after carrying out my own survey – out of 53 people I met, 45 of them want Tan Sri Isa Samad.

Now the only person who is so against Tan Sri Isa Samad in Tun Mahathir – Why?

While we are willing to forgive a drug addict and we are even willing to give him a 2nd chance, we are willing to forgive back-stabbers and take them back in a political party, we are willing to take in a person who formed political party with a sole intention to over throw Barisan Nasional – Why cant we give Tan Sri Isa Samad a chance?

He may have made mistakes – should we not give him a chance – even a prisoner will be given pardon – why not Tan Sri Isa Samad?

I just wonder if there are any other reasons why Tun Mahathir is so against him – to an extent that he was willing to visit YAB Dato’ Seri Mohd. Hassan the Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan (mind you I was informed that this is the first time Tun Mahathir visited him at his residence from the time he became the Chief Minister since 2004).

My View is that, we need to win Bagan Pinang - We have to put our differences behind us and make sure we win this.

As the YAB Prime Minister have said 'we need to be popular with the people', 'we should listen to the voices of the people'.

This is the month of Syawal - lets forgive and forget.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Over the week, i had to attend 3 funerals.

All 3 person who passed-away were close to me, out of which 1 of them (the entire family is known to me).

I managed to attend all the funerals to extend my condolonces to the family.

I pray to ALMIGHTY that Sanjay Chandrasekaran, Ramany and Mr. Rama's soul rest in peace.

I must single out one of them 'SANJAY CHANDRASEKARAN', At the age of 21, this young man had plenty of ambition and hopes. Although he was a very quiet guy, he was always smiling and till today i still can't take his smile away from my thoughts.

Sanjay's family is a very closely knit family and i got to know Sanjay through his sister Ms. Shamini Chandrasekaran.

I hope GOD gives the family the strength to carry on.

Mr. Ramany, ftom Banting was one of a kind - He assisted me in setting up PUTERA MIC in Selangor, a very hardworking and dedicated friend who will go out of the way to help me and Putera MIC.

While Mr. Rama is the father of Krishna, PUTERA MIC's National Council Member - A very kind man and pleasent. I once visited him at his home - his entire family was so kind to me. I am glad that i have met him once.

To the family of the Late Mr. Sanjay, Mr. Ramany and Mr. Rama - MAY GOD BLESS AND PROTECT ALL OF YOU.

Having said that, i have just realised that how important it is not to have hatred, one day you are all alive and the very next day you are no more.

I used to wonder all the time, if something like that happens to me. I get afraid and worried, not that im afraid of death - but the sudden absence.

One important thing that i have realised is that - i should not have any enemies or the least try not to have anyone. So when i leave, i can leave peacefully.



Hello and YES I back AGAIN.

It has been some time since I last posted in my blog. YES, I have been busy, but it is the same excuse all the time. A friend told me “If you are too busy, why blog?” He has a valid point.

So what do I do?

I have decided to write again. Please forgive me for missing in action for some time.

I have many things to say and write now and I am also breaking my limitations and will write about politics, I know there would be many criticism – I am okay with that, but please refrain from pulling in people who don’t have anything to do with what I write.