Monday, September 22, 2008

YB KERK KIM HOCK (DAP) Democratic Action Party

Over the weekend I attended a wedding dinner in Malacca. It was my good friend Nelson Benjamin’s wedding. Nelson works with The Star news paper and heads their Johor Regional Office. He got married to Marsha Tan formerly with The Star but now she is with Iskandar Development in Johor.

Anyway, while I would like to congratulate both of them, I must say that I am not going to write about the wedding dinner. But more so on my meeting with one politician who I admire and look up to.

Kerk Kim Hock – many may have not heard of his name now days. But, he was once upon a time (not long ago actually) the 4th Secretary General of the Democratic Action Party (aka DAP).

A mechanical engineer by profession he was also a new generation of DAP leaders at his time. I was learning and was trying to understand politics in Malaysian when he was at his prime into politics.

What I admire about him was the ability to get his work done, without challenging anyone; he does not call other leaders for a public debate although he has the ability to present his opinion in his own way.

He will not be shy of praising a leader irrespective of the leaders’ ideology or the leaders’ political standing. Mr. Kerk Kim Hock has retired from active politics but he is still a Life Member of the DAP.

People will never forget that he was also one of the persons who were arrested under the ‘Operasi Lalang’, he was detained for 60 days.

I do hope he will continue to assist and share his experience with the younger generation irrespective if they are from DAP or not.

MY VIEWS…….I thank GOD for making me cross his path, I have learnt some valuable lessons and I hope to emulate some of his ideas and opinion. It is not important which political party you represent, but, what is important is to serve the community – sincerely.