Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tenth Malaysia Plan & Malaysian Indians

I am pleased to share the summary recommendations to be considered for the 10th Malaysian Plan. This Action plan was submitted by Y. Bhg. Datuk Dr. Denison Jayasooria and was presented by Y. Bhg. Dato' Seri S Samy Vellu at the 2nd MIC's Central Working Committee which was held on 11th February 2010.
The 12 point summary addresses the needs of the bottom 40%.
1) Poor & low income families:

Undertake a comprehensive identification of Indian poor (below PLI) and low income (below Rm2, 000) including single mothers and ensure government assistance and income generating programs are challenged to them

2) Citizenship Documentation (IC & BC)

Undertake a comprehensive documentation of all Indians cases with the cooperation of Registration Department. Attempt to resolve 75% of the cases between 2010 & 2011.

3) Unresolved Land/ Neighborhood matters

Undertake documentation with community leaders and resolve land ownership & or relocation to permanent & affordable housing.

4) Providing pre school opportunities

Ensuring that every child is enrolled in a pre school program with the cooperation of Kemas, Department of National Unity & Tamil.

5) Improving quality of primary school education

Ensuring that all underachieving children have opportunity for additional classes and encouragement through the school system with complementary role of voluntary organizations.

6) Improving the quality of Remove Class Education

Undertake a comprehensive review of the Remove class system and ensure quality of teaching –learning experience is tremendously improved.

7) Addressing the concerns of high risk students in secondary schools

Need for special programs to build the capacity of teachers to be able to handle these students in an effective way. In addition to incorporate a larger component of non academic subjects such as skills training and character development to effective enhance the full potential of these students.

8) Income generating opportunities

In addition to enlarging the availability and access to micro credit through Tekun, it is essential to undertake business training including social preparation programs to ensure sustainability.

9) Enlisting the partnership of voluntary organizations

Establishing a social dialogue process with voluntary and civil society organizations to play a complementary role in awareness creation, enlisting service users, monitoring and impact assessment.

10) Capacity building of civil servants

Ensuring that are civil service delivery team is multi ethnic and are culturally sensitive to all ethnic and sub ethnic communities. All front line delivery staff must undertake an aptitude test to ensure appreciation of cultural diversity and ensure free of prejudice which could be a major hurdle for effective delivery.

11) Strengthen delivery by establishing a Special Task Force team to monitor delivery & implementation

In order to strengthen the cabinet committee which is policy making a special task force is necessary which monitors on a monthly basis the implementation of all the government programme directed to the Indian community.

12) Strengthen implementation by enlarging the secretariat of the Cabinet committee on Indian Concerns

Currently there are only two contract officers which is inadequate. At the federal level this should be enlarged to five additional officers (three for coordination & two for research & impact assessment).

In addition Federal officers in 9 states will ensure the effective implementation at the state level and will work closely with the secretariat which will be based in Putrajaya.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Although it is commendable that Datuk Nasir Safar has taken responsibility for his callous and hurtful statements by resigning yet his action is not equal to the crime committed.

The authorities should take the strongest possible steps by charging him with sedition. This is to act as a deterrent to others while reinforcing that a resignation doesn’t resolve one of such serious mistakes.

I am shocked after 52 years of independence we still have Malaysians threatening us by saying that they will revoke our citizenship.

I think I am more Malaysian than he is.