Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hardcore poverty is defined as those without a meal a day and a shelter over their head. This is basis human need and it is our responsibility as fellow human beings to provide for our less privileged community.

This is not fiction, as we read and see it almost daily in the electronic and print media in Malaysia. You need to see it to be able to really experience and be grateful for what luxuries we have in life. The real life stories you hear from these people is so sad that you wonder how this is happening right in our backyard. And Malaysians are a very caring lot they say!

The government had formulated numerous policies since 1970 to eradicate poverty or at least reduce it to below 5% from around 52 % in 1970. Among them were the New Economic Policy (1970 – 1990), National Development Policy (1991 – 2000) and Vision 2020.

In a multiracial and diverse country, there is a real need for peaceful coexistence among the various communities and close cooperation among ethnically-based political parties in order to have political stability and socioeconomic development. After 50years of independence, we are all Malaysians and shoulder the responsibility to help our fellow Malaysians who are deprived of this basic need for survival.

What role does our elected representative (Member of Parliament – ‘MP’) have in this real concern? A great deal I would say.

One of the main Key Performance Index (KPI) for an MP should be to deal with this hardcore poverty in his/her constituency. If he/she is not able to ensure ZERO hardcore poverty in their respective constituency, we may have to re-evaluate their competence and commitment as elected representative of the people.

My Views....No Malaysians should be left without a shelter and a meal a day!