Friday, December 25, 2009


Dear Friends,

I am reproducing an article which was written by me recently and made plenty of heads turn, let it be in the on-line media or even the print media.

I am indeed glad that i came out with the article, off course, i will not force anyone to agree with me, but, i have stated my case and its up to the readers to accept it or otherwise.

I will continue to write and express my opinions and i will never force anyone to accept it.

While very few people have commented on them, i am indeed pleased that hundres of friends called and thanked me for coming out with an article to explain to all Malaysian's what steps MIC has taken to continue its role in the community.

In MIC we are commited to the cause and we will not let it go - even though there are critisism amongst a handfull Malaysian Indians - You can say whatever you want to say.

For all those friends who have commented on the Online Media '' - I thank you very much, i have read your comments and i know how much of passion you have for the community, one thing for sure - i have read them and i understand your opinion. I may not agree to some of the opinion and the type of words that you have mentioned, but who am i to tell you, how you should write and how should not write.

All i wanted to do is to tell Malaysians what we have done and what we want to do, and, i have done that, and, i will continue to do so.

The article goes on like this;

These are tumultuous times for political parties who inhabit the landscape of the Malaysian political scene.

Since 2008 general election it cannot be denied that there have been profound changes in the way political parties have to strive to become more attuned to the voice of the people as well as their explicit and implicit needs.

Although the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) fared badly in the last general election yet with challenges also come the opportunity for growth and change that is needed to evolve and adept to better fulfill the purpose and agenda of the party and nation.

The party has been around since 1946 and part of the reason for its longevity is the ability of the party to re-mould and re-shape itself whenever the need arises.

In this vein of thought the MIC has taken numerous steps to strengthen itself and navigate the today’s choppy political waters successfully. After much soul searching it is with quiet confidence and sturdy faith that I believe the MIC is on track to become the voice of the Indian community of this country again.

The party has consolidated itself and become more united than ever. New blood with new ideas has been given the opportunity to serve and a strong platform to do so. The parties last Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the election results have brought in three new vice presidents and also many new young faces to the Central Working Committee (CWC).

Youthful choices were also made for by the president in appointing critical positions within the party such as secretary general, treasurer general and information chief.

Besides this the party has also been very steadfast in reinventing itself from within thru various workshops and forums.

The re-branding exercise is going at full throttle and the members are being sensitized to change themselves and move towards a people centric and optimum service performance level to better reach and impact the community in line with the honorable Prime Ministers call of people first performance now.

The party duly strengthened is now focusing very efficiently in bringing the Indian communities grouses to the forefront of the government. The people’s needs and aspirations are the utmost priority of the party and all tools that enhance this aim are continuously being sharpened and bettered.

The MIC is thus poised to remain as the voice and conduit of the community to reach the government and fulfill their potential.

On the other hand other parties that claim to champion rights of the Indian community seem to have lost their momentum after a crescendo of false starts.

The Malaysian Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP) being a case in point of this scenario, barely six months old and they are already facing a leadership tussle and severe politicking and infighting within the party.

Hindraf movement leader P.Uthayakumar hasn’t done anything productive or constructive for the community since its formation.

The Hindraf 5 behind the November 25th rally has all broken up and constantly finger pointing instead of working to ease the plight of the community.

Even within the Barisan Nasional (BN) Indian based political parties have their share of issues. The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) hierarchy seems busy and content to play presidents musical chair while the Registrar of Societies (ROS) figures out the winner.

The Indian Progressive Front (IPF) has lost direction and motivation since the untimely demise of Tan Sri M G Pandithan, they too are caught in legal battles and polemics of position clamoring within the party.

On the opposition front several peoples representatives in Selangor who are Indians have voiced their dissatisfaction over their own state government’s efforts to help the Indian community. One PKR parliamentarian has gone as far to say that the state government has lost the support of the vital Indian bloc because of their ineffectiveness in dealing with the problems of the Indians within the state.

All these points have cemented the position and validated the argument that the MIC is the ideal institution to represent the Indian community in this country. The MIC is aware of the grave responsibility such a position entails as is doing and will continue to do all that is needed and that is best to further spur the growth of the Indian society in Malaysia. The party will continue to be the beacon of the community in safeguarding their interests and unearthing opportunities for the community’s social, financial, economic, cultural and academic well being.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Some time back i remember reading a book titled 'a sense of URGENCY' written by a well known author John P. Kotter. But when i was reading that book, never did i realise that one day the Malaysian Indian Congress would be looking into this way, or shall i say looking into 'A SENSE OF URGENCY'.

I am very sure that if Mr. John. P Kotter were to know that a political party in Malaysia has looked along that way, i am indeed sure that he would be pleased.

Many of my friends whom i have met recently, asked me so many questions on what was this workshop that Malaysian Indian Congress Organised? Can this workshop really bring out the best amongst the grassroot leaders?

I did answer them to the best of my ability, while many nodded with agreement that it is possible, some just walked away 'probably thinking i was day dreaming'.

I have decided to write a little bit more for those who could not understand what i was trying to explain.

The Malaysian Indian Congress recently had a forum titled “A Sense OF Urgency”. The forum was attended by all national and state leaders but was geared especially for the division chairmen’s as they were the primary target audience.

Many would still remember the words of our Y.A.B. Prime Minister - Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak, during his opening remarks at the Malaysian Indian Congress’s 63rd Assembly ‘It is of no use, if we are popular within the party, but what is important is to be popular amongst the people’. Taking it from that point and based on one of the most important motives of the forum was to enlighten and raise awareness of the party leaders at the divisional level and members on the urgent need for transformation within the party in order to become more relevant, and besides that, we emphasised on the importance to be more people centric especially in the vastly complex and competitive political landscape of today.

This was done firstly thru a very honest and transparent look into the current mechanics of the party. Using the ever popular SWOT analysis, questions such as, what are our strengths? What are our weaknesses? What are the opportunities that can be gained from the present political scenario? and What are the threats that face the party? These questions were delved into in a very introverted and honest manner. Though some of the answers to these questions were painful, yet they were necessary in order to make the party members aware of the urgency of the matter at hand and also finding proactive answers to deal with these questions.

The next part of the forum concentrated on answering these questions. This covered various topics of discussion and ranged from common courtesies that a leader should have to more practical matters such as proper documentation when handling the people’s problems. The primary aim of this part of the forum was to educate, inform and inspire the leaders present on how their every action and reaction will affect the public’s perception of the party. Each member from the branch right up to the party’s top echelon are roaming ambassadors of the parties image and should behave in a way that befits the party was the message conveyed.

The last part of the forum focused on the Key Performance Index that the party has decided to introduce. The KPI would be the yardstick to determine if a division or branch leader has succeeded in proving their mantle as representatives of the party to the grassroots population they should be serving. The participants of the forum were informed on how the KPI system would work and also told of the importance of meeting the standards in the battle to win the hearts and minds of the Indian community and society at large. The key transformation here was to galvanise seat wormers into heart warmers of the community, to inspire humility that exalts service to race and nation, to implement best practice solutions even during the worst of crisis’s.

By and far I’m happy to note that the forum was a tremendous success and also eye opener for many present. However the true measure of success begins after the forum. I truly believe that the message of transformation will be heard across the country where the party is flag is raised. The urgency of the moment can and I’m confident will be seized by the leaders and members to better serve the people and community. This forum is intended to be the catalyst for the party to become more service cantered and people friendly and become a micro facet of the government’s clarion call of “People First Performance Now.

I believe that change is possible and like how Barack Obama's campaing said - CHANGE - IN WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN.

I sibscribe to that whole heartedly and i will work towards that.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Y.A.B. Tan Sri Muhyuddin Yassin - More than 1 Million Malaysian Indians WANT 12 SUBJECTS IN SPM - Will you listen to us sir?

Picture above: Prof. Dr. N S Rajendran, Y.B. Dato' Dr. S Subramaniam, Y. Bhg. Prof. Dato' Dr. T Marimuthu and Y.B. Dato' M Saravanan

I attended a forum today (30th November 2009) organised by the Tamil School's Action Committee.

They discussed a matter pertaining to a decision which was made by the Education Minister who also happens to be the Y.A.B. Deputy Prime Minister (Y.A.B. Tan Sri Mahyuddin Yassin).

Its rather shocking that the Y.A.B. Deputy Prime Minister has taken a decision before consulting Malaysians who are directly effected on this decision.

Whatever decision made by the Deputy Prime Minister is not inline with the Y.A.B. Prime Minister's 1Malaysia vission.

More than 50 participants representing more than 20 Non-Governmental Organisation participated in this forum and it was an unanimous decision that the NGO's who has at least 700,000 members (including MIC's membership) that the Ministry of Education allow students to sit for minimum of 12 subjects and nothing short.

Y.B. Dato' Dr. S Subramaniam MIC's Vice President and also the Minister of Human Resources have given assurance that he would present the opinions of the NGO and MIC to the Minister of Education as well as the members of the cabinet at the next Cabinet Meeting.

He also said that this is inline with MIC's wishes as well and will fight this cause.

So. lets wish him all the best.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Sharing an article i read on the net written by Encik Mydin Baharuddin:

I don’t know whether it is naivety or sheer desperation for political survival that the opposition leader attended the occasion organized by the artifical HINDRAF leaders.

As it stands, with the showdown with Jeffrey & Zaid, Anwar seems to be embarking in a path in recruiting or shall I say endorsing suspicious personalities.

Similar to Najib who jumped the gun to endorse Makkal Sakthi Party Malaysia, Anwar seems to be acting in sequence to endorse another offshoot of the HINDRAF movement who lacks credence.

Foot for thought, the architect who financed and brought in Makkal Sakthi Party into BN was this philanthropist OMS Thiagarajan who is closely associated with Datuk S. Subramaniam and owns about 40% of the tamil daily Makkal Oosai. The same person now financed the occasion that Vasantha Kumar organized and was present during the occasion that was gracefully attended by Anwar. Vasantha Kumar is also known within the Klang community to have close relationship with one K.P.Samy, the undying ally of Datuk S. Subramaniam and practically attends all the MIC functions since his release from ISA.

Why Anwar would even engage such skeptical & suspicious character bemuses me unless it politics as usual.

It is so obvious; all these purported HINDRAF leaders claim that they have the support of the grassroot but only have one thing in unison that is in their own political agenda and those of the mandores both in Pakatan and Barisan National.

Anwar doesn’t seem to realize that he in turn now has been used as a pawn by this faction of HINDRAF headed by the alleged Special Branch Vasantha Kumar to launch his political career or is he so gullible to embrace someone with such dodgy credential?

At least Thanenthiran of Makkal Sakthi Party had the dignity to voice his political ambition and chose his part on what fitted him best by courting the BN faction. However this character Vasantha Kumar in his platform launches character assassination against Uthayakumar and Waythamoorthy who are synonymous with HINDRAF from day one.

Does this lend any credibility to a purported leader? Would you not rather be talking about your plans on how to uplift the society on such an occasion?

Both Uthayakumar and Waythamoorthy have proven credibility. Uthayakumar, for the last eighteen years have been battling with the police on human rights violations when everyone stood silent and watched. Waythamoorthy in highligting the plight of the marginalized Malaysian Indian and abolishment of ISA throughout the world resulted in recognization of the HINDRAF’s struggle and release of the ISA detainees.

Today, one faction is courted by BN and the other faction is courted by Anwar. What is baffling is why neither party could ever court the originators of HINDRAF?

In my view, I think both these political parties rather have a politically motivated personality under its reign rather than one with a steadfast goal who would fight for justice and equality based on the needs of the society such as the original HINDRAF have been doing for the Malaysian Indians even if some may call it racist.

Sitting in a neutral position, all I can presume is Anwar has definitely lost his bearing besides his oratory skills in identifying and pursuing what is just and equal for his own political goals.

Anwar, I hope you know what you are doing, as this guy could end up being another political trap for you as was the Saiful episode.


I was attending a temple festival at the Tenaga Nasional grounds last night (28th November 2009). This temple is runned by the staffs of Tenaga Nasional and i must congratulate Tenaga Nasional's Management for allowing their hindu staffs to built a simple but yet a beautifull temple within the grounds of Tenaga Nasional in Bangsar - This actually shows how much they value the beliefs and the principles in the RUKUNEGARA - Belief in GOD.

Having said that, as my eyes was wondering i looked at the tall Tenaga Nasional Building and i was shocked to see that the lights on their logo was either fused or not functioning and then i realised, why NAMAWEE was very angry with them.

But then again, here again, Tenaga Nasional does not even have the time to change the bulbs that is fused and above all, this Tenaga Nasional's name from the building could be seen by anyone who is using the Federal Highway or even the Bangsar roads.

If you notice the picture above carefully you will find the alphabets E, A and L missing.

So NAMAWEE, please dont be to angry brother, Tenaga Nasional have not even replaced their fused bulbs in their Headquarters.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mr. Pang Fook Lin

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to share with you a picture that i took over the weekend.

Mr. Pang Fook Lin and a Malaysian of Chinese origin, well that's very normal, so you may ask - So what if you take a picture with him ?

I wont be suprised if you ask that question - Here is the answer.

Mr. Pang Fook Lin is the Vice-Chairman for the MIC Baling Division and he has been a member of MIC for more than 3 decades.

Now, thats interesting.

MIC has always had its 1Malaysia Vision.

Friday, October 23, 2009


MIC president Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu has denounced the opposition-led Selangor state government for allowing the demolition of a Hindu temple in Shah Alam today, describing it as 'an act of treachery'.

"The Selangor (state) government has committed treachery to the Hindu community by not stopping the demolition of the temple," he said when commenting on the demolition of the Mathurai Veeran Temple in Persiaran Kerjaya, Jalan Glenmarie, Seksyen U1, Shah Alam.

Samy Vellu said this was not the first incident as there was another demolition involving another Hindu temple in Selangor during the Pakatan Rakyat's rule in the state.

He was apparently referring to the demolition of the Sri Maha Kaliamman temple in Kampung Tasik, Jalan Baru in Ampang, Selangor on Sept 9 last year.

The MIC chief said despite an appeal by the Mathurai Veeran temple committee last March to the February 2009 notice sent by the Shah Alam Municipal Council (MPSA), the temple was still demolished without an alternative land offered.

"There were also no discussions with the temple committee and no recent notices given by the MPSA. They just went and demolished it.

"I salute the MPSA for taking direct orders from the Selangor government without consulting the temple committee," he quipped.

Samy Vellu also wanted the Selangor government, especially its state executive councilor Dr Xavier Jayakumar to explain the demolition, failing which the MIC would seek legal redress.

"He (Xavier) does not seem to worry about what is happening. Perhaps this (the demolition) is being carried out because the Indians are not united under the Pakatan Rakyat state government," he said.

Samy Vellu said the Selangor state government appeared to have 'a taste' for demolishing Hindu temples without first discussing with the temple committees and allocating alternative sites.

He said that if any temple were to make way for development or sitting on government or private land, the authorities should first identify a suitable alternative land for them.


QUOTE FROM ( anwar and pkr has made this as big issue(temple demolition) during the 12th GE and promised the Indians that if they are given the chance to govern, there will be no more temple demolished but just look at the scenario now, Selangor is under them.where is hindraf? i guess this will be good lesson for Indians who have voted the pakatan during last GE. will you vote them again in the next GE?

Monday, October 19, 2009


The tenth Malaysia Plan will be the most significant national strategy document in Malaysia for the next five years (2011 - 2015). It will provide the socio economic directions, identify specific programmes, make provisions for the allocation of resources and set the key indicators for measurement.
Input into this process at the formative stage is imperative and efforts are underway through a participatory process to receive feedback and review the Ninth Plan with the view to ensure that the Tenth plan incorporates the aspirations, needs and concerns of all communities. The Tenth plan must ensure that all sections of the Malaysian society have a share in the wealth that is created and distributed.
A draft document containing the review and recommendations from the Malaysian Indian community, has been prepared through a working group process that was held from August 24th to 26th at the Prime Minister's Department in Putrajaya. This document with supporting papers containing recommendations is now being circulated to a wider consultative group for feedback, input and analysis.
This is a consultative process which is participatory in nature where representatives of national civil society and community based organisations have the opportunity to provide their input and views.
  • To provide an opportunity for national civil society and community based organisation to review the available analysis and recommendations for input into the Tenth Malaysian Plan.
  • To receive input, feedback, criticism and recommendations on how to effectively address community issues and concerns.
  • To institute a consultative process where there is a regular dialogue between key stakeholders responsible for the socio-economic development of the community.
  • To foster closer partnership in ensuring that information and services reach the intended target group and grassroots.
  • To ensure that there is effective monitoring and implementation of public sector services in order that the bottom 40% experiance social inclusion and are able to access the services and provisions.

For information, a National Consultation session is being organised by MIC on 5th November 2009 in Kuala Lumpur. Participants who would like to partake in this event must be a representative of an organisation as this consultative process set up for receiving input from civil society and community based organisations.

Details of all earlier policy activities pertaining to the Tenth Malaysia Plan in receiving input and analysis can be sited at:

If you would like to participate in this session, please do send me a request, as the number of seats are limited and the demand for participation is increasing i would urge anyone interested to immediately notify me via my email address : or via my facebook account.

I would also like to inform you that, your request in participating is not the confirmation that you would be able to attend the session, You would be notified via an official letter.

Hope to meet you on 5th November 2009.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I received an email from 'a commoner' and i would like to share with you.
While im not shocked with the content of this email but im dissapointed with people who are planning to destroy a political party just because they did not get what they wanted to.
Here is the email for your reading;
"I will destroy the MIC at any cause". That was the phrase told by the former MIC deputy president, or would be even better to be said, the recently defeated candidate for the Deputy Presidency post, Dato Subramaniam

The man, who went against the president’s choice, seemed to be showing his true color now by seeking new avenue thru political entities. The man, who once promised to bring changes for the party, has now become the guardian of newly born party, “Makkal Sakthi”. Dato Subramaniam’s associate, Mr Oms Thiagarajan, a leading Indian businessman in the city who has been funding Dato Subra during the MIC election in September, also, funding for the infant party in monitories ways.

Dato Subra, is a betrayer, a word that describes well about him, a man without a principle. If ever he were to be the President for the Makkal Shakti party, it’s going to be a big shame for the community for accepting a betrayer as a leader. Makkal Sakthi party’s objective which was to support Keadilan party and get rid of UMNO dominated Barisan Nasional, but today the objective is over turned by inviting UMNO President to launch the party. This clearly shows the fundamental basis of party formation is simply for personal gain of several people, including Dato Subra who wishes to extend his political mileage and political gain and not for uplifting the Indian community.

Forming more Indian based parties will eventually break the unity of Indian community, and knowing this, Dato Subra being the man behind Makkal Sakthi. His promises after last general election which was to work with MIC to bring back the support and unity among the Indians has gone with the wind. Today, this man being double headed, for his gain, but community’s lost

-a commoner-
The opinion above is not mine but i am merely posting an email i received so that people know how desperate one can be.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


At any cost – Tan Sri Isa Samad should not be the (National Front) Barisan Nasional’s candidate for the Bagan Pinang bye-election, so says the former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

But, during the recently concluded MIC’s 63rd General Assembly, the prime minister – YAB Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib bin Tun Razak said ‘its no use being popular within the party, but it is very important to be popular amongst the people’. Well said and I agree with him in total.

Now, where does Tan Sri Isa Samad come in?

It is indeed true Tan Sri Isa Samad was found guilty of money politics during an UMNO assembly in 2004 - despite winning the Vice-President’s position and holding a minister’s portfolio – he stepped down from all responsibility and fulfilled the sentence which was given to him (his suspension was from 2005 till 2008)

During the suspension, Tan Sri Isa Samad did not dump UMNO, did not join an opposition party, neither did he form another political party – He remained loyal to UMNO, Barisan Nasional and the most important thing he did was - he remained very much in touch with the people.

The most important thing for Barisan Nasional now is to win the bye-election in Bagan Pinang and everyone in the coalition must ensure that support the candidate who can win the election and not a candidate who is popular in the party.

Tan Sri Isa Samad is a popular choice in Bagan Pinang, this is not based on hear-say, but after carrying out my own survey – out of 53 people I met, 45 of them want Tan Sri Isa Samad.

Now the only person who is so against Tan Sri Isa Samad in Tun Mahathir – Why?

While we are willing to forgive a drug addict and we are even willing to give him a 2nd chance, we are willing to forgive back-stabbers and take them back in a political party, we are willing to take in a person who formed political party with a sole intention to over throw Barisan Nasional – Why cant we give Tan Sri Isa Samad a chance?

He may have made mistakes – should we not give him a chance – even a prisoner will be given pardon – why not Tan Sri Isa Samad?

I just wonder if there are any other reasons why Tun Mahathir is so against him – to an extent that he was willing to visit YAB Dato’ Seri Mohd. Hassan the Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan (mind you I was informed that this is the first time Tun Mahathir visited him at his residence from the time he became the Chief Minister since 2004).

My View is that, we need to win Bagan Pinang - We have to put our differences behind us and make sure we win this.

As the YAB Prime Minister have said 'we need to be popular with the people', 'we should listen to the voices of the people'.

This is the month of Syawal - lets forgive and forget.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Over the week, i had to attend 3 funerals.

All 3 person who passed-away were close to me, out of which 1 of them (the entire family is known to me).

I managed to attend all the funerals to extend my condolonces to the family.

I pray to ALMIGHTY that Sanjay Chandrasekaran, Ramany and Mr. Rama's soul rest in peace.

I must single out one of them 'SANJAY CHANDRASEKARAN', At the age of 21, this young man had plenty of ambition and hopes. Although he was a very quiet guy, he was always smiling and till today i still can't take his smile away from my thoughts.

Sanjay's family is a very closely knit family and i got to know Sanjay through his sister Ms. Shamini Chandrasekaran.

I hope GOD gives the family the strength to carry on.

Mr. Ramany, ftom Banting was one of a kind - He assisted me in setting up PUTERA MIC in Selangor, a very hardworking and dedicated friend who will go out of the way to help me and Putera MIC.

While Mr. Rama is the father of Krishna, PUTERA MIC's National Council Member - A very kind man and pleasent. I once visited him at his home - his entire family was so kind to me. I am glad that i have met him once.

To the family of the Late Mr. Sanjay, Mr. Ramany and Mr. Rama - MAY GOD BLESS AND PROTECT ALL OF YOU.

Having said that, i have just realised that how important it is not to have hatred, one day you are all alive and the very next day you are no more.

I used to wonder all the time, if something like that happens to me. I get afraid and worried, not that im afraid of death - but the sudden absence.

One important thing that i have realised is that - i should not have any enemies or the least try not to have anyone. So when i leave, i can leave peacefully.



Hello and YES I back AGAIN.

It has been some time since I last posted in my blog. YES, I have been busy, but it is the same excuse all the time. A friend told me “If you are too busy, why blog?” He has a valid point.

So what do I do?

I have decided to write again. Please forgive me for missing in action for some time.

I have many things to say and write now and I am also breaking my limitations and will write about politics, I know there would be many criticism – I am okay with that, but please refrain from pulling in people who don’t have anything to do with what I write.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


It was indeed a pleasure to meet a very down to earth gentleman like Dato’ Raja Nong Chik yesterday over a dinner which was organized by All Blogs Malaysia (Thanks to Abang Rocky)

Infact it was my second time meeting Dato’ Raja Nong Chik, the first was during an ASTRO Awani – ‘Pesrpektif’ programm where I and Dato’ Raja Nong Chik was a member of the panel, in fact that meeting was good enough for me to note that this was the type of man Malaysians need and I must congratulate YAB Dato Seri Najib for appointing a learned and a enterprising man like YB Dato’ Raja Nong Chik as a member of his cabinet. His appointment into the cabinet would surely make YAB Dato’ Sri Najib’s agenda on 1Malaysia realized faster.

Following are some of the inputs that I have gathered about YB Dato’ Raja Nong Chik;

  • His vision to make Kuala Lumpur not only a world class city but also a caring city is indeed commendable. He realizes the fact that poverty exist in the city and that steps are being taken to eradicate them as early as possible, thus, the CARING CITY

  • He believes that bloggers can help in promoting Kuala Lumpur and in fact he has offered to assist in organizing an International Conference for Bloggers. This offer was welcomed and accepted immediately by All Blogs and we can look forward for an exciting conference soon.

  • I was also impressed with his simplicity and how he explained that it took him nearly two (2) years to seek an appointment to meet a Minister. It shows at times, its not like what people think – if you are powerful and famous you can easily meet minister or top politicians.

  • I see him as a very simple man – net very much as a politician but more as an NGO person. However, I must say that UMNO must utilize his talents and ability to build a stronger UMNO.

To YB Dato’ Raja Nong Chik – I wish you all the best and I am sure that with you we can develop and build a stronger BARISAN NASIONAL.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Want to join Parti Islam Malaysia – Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS)?

During the recently concluded PAS assembly held in Shah Alam, it was proposed that PAS would admit non-Muslims to become members of the party.

Very interesting indeed.

  • Can a non-Muslim member of the party make a decision to change the policy set by the party?

  • Will the party allow the non-Muslim member to hold important position like the President, Deputy President, Vice President or even the Secretary General, oh never mind all that, can the non-Muslim member be elected as a member of the supreme council.

  • After 55 years of having their assembly, Dr. Lo Lo Ghazali seems to be the only female member who has managed to win a seat in their highest decision making body. So it looks like, it may take another 50 years or so to get a non-Muslim to hold an elected position within the party – that means in 2059.
  • I not only find this decision as a desperate attempt to gain some publicity from the non-Muslims, but, it also shows that PAS does not trust Parti KeAdilan Rakyat – Malaysian Justice Party (PKR) and Democratic Action Party (DAP).

  • The so called ‘Pakatan Rakyat’ has already political party that has an avenue where non-Muslims can be part of the system; instead, they decide to have a new opening for themselves

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I was interviewed today for a RTM’s documentary. They spoke to me about Malaysia’s so called ‘Social Contract’ and also on the Royal Institution.

Following are my comments;

  • Yes, we are all aware of the Social Contract although I have never seen a contract signed by anyone representing the communities in this country, but, yes I am aware there is something called ‘Social Contract’.
  • The Social Contract’s reference point would be the Federal Constitution’s Article 153 – as that is the only document which we in Malaysia can refer as the best reference of the Social Contract.

  • The Social Contract need to be revisited as I was made to understand that the Reid Commission which drafted the Federal Constitution have made a recommendation that after 15 years of independence we will review the Article 153 (which is the main crux of the so called ‘Social Contract’).

  • The success of YAB Prime Minister’s Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak’s ONE MALAYSIA would very much depend on the review of the Article 153.

  • The Royal Institution is an institute that should be respected and guarded by all Malaysians. We should and must not be ungrateful towards the Institution.

  • We have learned ever since school through the 5 Principles of the Country ‘RUKUNEGARA’ and the National Anthem ‘NEGARA KU’ on how important we have placed them.

  • The government should enforce tough penalties for those who insult this institution.

  • Most Malaysian’s are very proud to be a MALAYSIAN but then again a few MALAYSIANS with a mask trying to show that they are the sole crusader for their community challenge many of our traditional structure and crate chaos which then goes to the street.

  • We need to understand the simple meanings of ‘Gotong Royong’ or even ‘Muhibbah’. Many have forgotten the meaning of these words.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I have always thought that when an article is written it should at least have 500 words or more. Article is also defined as a piece of writing or even an editorial, but then, there is also another meaning that says commentary.

If you have been following my blog since the day I started to blog. You would have noticed that my article would have at least 500 words and from now no more.

Why you may ask?

There are many reasons to it, but the first on the list is off course Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and off course my ‘Abang’ Rocky’s Bru.

If you have read their articles, it has the 3 ‘S’ factors and I liked it.

What’s the 3 ‘S’?

Short, Sweet and Straight to the point.

Let me start today with My Views;


I have been asked a few times on this subject whenever I appear on a TV Talk Show and I have not changed my opinion since then.

I believe as Malaysians we have been thought from school to not only be respectful to the KING & QUEEN but to the nation as well.

Unfortunately, off late, for political and personal agenda’s a few Malaysians have decided to challenge the teachings. Off course, we have the right to do what we want to do; after all it’s a democratic country.

But, please do not tarnish the loyalty to the KING and The NATION.

Please remember, The Nation’s 2nd principle is the LOYALTY TO THE KING AND NATION and the 4th line in our National anthem says (And that) OUR KING REIGN IN PEACE.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Kudos and congratulations to the esteemed Y.A.B. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak and the government for the recent liberalization steps taken on 27 services sub sectors. This is indeed a far reaching decision and will further strengthen the country’s image in the international business and trade communities such as the Asean Economic Community and the World Trade Organization which Malaysia is a member of. Such a move is timely and expedient considering the current challenges and turmoil of the global business and financial sectors. These steps will the stepping stone for increased competitiveness and value enhanced services to brighten Malaysia’s opportunity to become investor’s choice destination.

However there remains much to be done to make sure this steps aim and objectives fulfil its optimum potential. The policies instituted are only as good as its implementation agents. One of the main thrusts of development of a country’s resources is of course its education system. As long as the best and brightest are not given priority and aid then it’s a leakage of the nation’s pivotal strength of human resource development. In the long run it will lead to a brain drain that will reach critical levels and also cause competitiveness and performance levels to be lower than it should be. The consequence of this will be the overall deterioration of the nation’s competitive edge.

Just as the government has reviewed and rescinded the above mentioned policies it should also take a closer look at the countries education system make similar adjustments to help make sure that the cream of Malaysia students get the necessary help to empower themselves to further fulfil their potential. If not the government, then who? Is the questions on the minds of countless parents who have had their hearts broken because policy dictates their children who worked and studied hard to achieve flying coloured results still didn’t get the places public in universities and critical courses. For example the Matriculation centres for learning only allocate 10% of their seats for non Malays. This is one aspect of policy that should be relooked at. Besides that, a more transparent process of the university intakes could also be considered.

Although it is understandable that the government needs to balance its need for meritocracy and achieving its social restructuring agenda which is the aim of the NEP yet there must be some recourse for students who have achieved results and do not have the means for furthering their academic careers due to financial considerations. After all these children are Malaysians too and deserve to get the same opportunities as other Malaysians. This in a nutshell would be the ultimate fruition of the 1Malaysia concept in action. This being said it would be ideal that all students regardless of race, gender and religion will get equal opportunity in furthering their studies based on achievement alone. Policies that reward excellence will not only be good for the country but also strengthen the will of all students to work hard knowing that their efforts will be rewarded by the state.

It is with great hope and expectation that the country embraces the new Prime Minister and his style of leadership. His foresight and political will thus far has won many admirers among the masses and also the naysayers. Such continued policy restructuring and implementation will ensure that the countries drive towards being a fully developed nation by 2020 and also a testament to the successful integration of the 1Malaysia ideal into the general Malaysian society will be a realized success for sure.
MY VIEWS......
We want to fish and all we need is the rod and the bait and we will go to the river and get the fish our self.
We believe we can, just show us where the river is.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tan Sri Ismail Adam - 'Please do not over rule the Honorable Prime Minister's decision'

The recent announcement by PSD Director General Tan Sri Ismail Adam is something that has caused a lot of uneasiness among 2008 SPM students and their respective parents. This issue is very close to the heart of the people and much thought should be given before a decision is reached. The previous year when there was a public outcry when students with flying results were denied scholarships the honorable Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi diffused the situation by announcing that any student who achieved 9 straight A1s would be allocated scholarships. This intervention by the prime minister was timely and very well received by the rakyat.

Tan Sri Adam has categorically stated that not all straight As students will be eligible for scholarships. This is definitely a step backward for the countries education system and overall aim of increasing and enhancing the human resource capability of the nation. Those who are have worked hard and attained excellence should be rewarded and no less then the Prime Minister has agreed to this. Putera MIC strongly objects to the PSD Director Generals statement which implies this practice will be stopped. We strongly urge Tan Sri Adam to carefully rethink the decision and make a decision that is in the best interest of the students and their futures.

When the Prime Minister made the decision last year there was overwhelming support for it. Has the Prime Minister agreed to the new decision? How come he didn’t state the scholarships were only for the year it was announced and not for the future too? What has changed so drastically that such a well received decision has to be reversed? The people are watching this issue very closely and they need to be reassured that the government has the interests of the people at heart when making a decision. Students should be confident that when they study hard and do well the government will reward their effort and this will spur them to work harder.

Another point we would like to raise is the fact that by Tan Sri Adam’s own calculation there are 2000 overseas scholarships and there are 1676 student with straight A1s. This being the scenario shouldn’t all those who got straight A1s be entitled to scholarships. Even if all those who got straight A1s were given scholarships there would be about 300 and more available for others. As for those who got straight As the local 10 000 scholarships will be available to them.

As a country striving to become more competitive and first world in all ways, educational policies are of paramount importance. Taking this into consideration we urge all involved rethinking their decision and doing what’s best for students and the country. The people await a decision for them and supporting their well being and not against them. PSD hopefully will not disappoint.


I remembered what was said once by Dato' Seri Nazri - A Government servant must just be a government servant he cannot be a political master or change it to be a government master. A government servant does the job instructed by the political master.

It seems that everyone wants to over rule the Prime Minister's decision ? Why ? Do they think that they can be a better Prime Minister or the Prime Minister is not capable enough to make his decision.

Friday, March 20, 2009

PROpenmic - dedicated to Public Relations Practitioners all over the world

If you are a public relations practitioner or even a student or an academician, I don’t know if you have heard about a social network group for public relations practitioners called ‘PROpenMic’.

Indeed in my opinion, I don’t think many Malaysians or for that matter, ASIANS are aware of such an existence of an amazing and outstanding website.

For your information, ‘PROpenMic’ is a website public relations students, faculty and practitioners can come together and share notes about public relations. I have signed in to the site and I am indeed proud to share with all of you that I think I am the first Malaysian to do so, I have also created a spot where all Malaysians can share their notes and experiences in public relations.

I have indeed realized the so called ‘WOW’ factor when I was surfing into this site. It is indeed great to see how public relations is being studied and practiced all over the world.

PROpenMic? Is a metaphor. You can step in up and speak your mind. The website’s goal is to be the social network for public relations student, faculty and practitioners worldwide. The website is ad free and nonprofit with an education focus. Already, they have members from over 50+ countries and almost 300 universities worldwide. ‘PROpenMic’ is your network for connections and learning. Ultimately, the network is about you helping others.

The site was founded by Mr. Robert French from the United States of America. He teaches public relations at Auburn University. Mr. French has been actively involved in this discipline for over 25 years with experience ranging from public relations, broadcasting and university administration to teaching.

For those of you who haven’t visited the site yet, please do! Here’s the link:


MY Malaysian friends, please do not bring a political link to ‘PROpenMic’, it has nothing to do with MIC.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


As of late much criticism has been directed at MIC party president Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu. It seems that he is the proverbial glass house and everybody and anybody have a divine right to revel in taking pot shots at him. There have been calls for him to step down and relinquish his position within the party. I’d like to highlight certain truths about the leader of the Indian community in this country for the last 30 years. It cannot be denied that everything is not perfect; something’s could have been dealt with differently, better handled perhaps. However equally true is the fact that there have been countless positive effects from his leadership not only too many individuals but also in policy making and implementation of government policy that has benefited the whole Indian society in Malaysia.

A reflection on the strides our community has taken in the last 30 years is testament to his leadership and stewardship. In short space of time we as a community have grown in leaps and bounds in terms of economic prosperity, academic achievement, and social upward mobility when compared to generations before us. Could this have been achieved without the vision and tenacity of a selfless leader? The answer is a logical and emphatic no. MIC as a party has contributed more than RM 100 million to the education of Indian children over the last 30 years. Another milestone achievement of esteemed Dato Seri S Samy Vellu is the creation of the AIMST University and off course TAFE College. For the record it’s the only Indian owned university outside off India and it caters for the educational needs of our children. All this achievements are the result of MIC efforts as a party and reflect the quality of the president.

On calls for his resignation I’d like to point out that there are only 2 ways that will happen. One is when Dato’ Seri S Samy Vellu himself feels that he cannot contribute anymore and a new person is needed to take over and voluntarily releases power. He is a man of great convictions and clarity and I’m sure he will make that decision when the time is right and not a second earlier. The other way for him to leave the party is of course due process of elections within the party. Anyone is free to stand against him and claim the presidency. But the point to note here is that his fate is in the hands of the 650 000 MIC members and they will decide, in fact they should decide and not anybody else. As long as the party members endorse him and his leadership then he has every right to continue serving the community. Also asking Dato’ Seri S Samy Vellu to leave now is like asking a child to leave his ailing parent in their time of need. No child can do that, and Dato’ Seri S Samy Vellu is needed to restore the splendor and confidence of the party at the moment.

In conclusion I’d like to say to the party president’s critics that he is listening to the voice of the people, he is aware of their needs and aspirations but he also needs all our support to help him achieve our collective goals. Change for the sake of change benefits no one. So while constructive criticisms are always welcomed yet let it be done in the spirit of cooperation and improvement and not unfairness and unfounded malice.

MY VIEWS......

Please read my article again.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MIC’s role in the new PERAK State Administration.

The recent change in the Perak state government has brought about many a controversy and debates. Whatever the debates, the fact is that the constitutional and monarchial blessings are upon the new government. However it cannot be denied that with the change there is also an opportunity for the new BN government to show that indeed it has heard the voice of the people and their discontent and will heed it through their governance of the state.

This brings me to the issue of Indian representation within the new government. The BN coalition doesn’t have any representatives in the state assembly therefore an exco position isn’t a possibility and hence the calls for the speaker of the assembly to remain Indian is very emphatic and clear. It would be great if this position is indeed given to the Indians and it is surely something that would make the Indian community in the state and country proud. But there must be some consideration and thought given carefully before seeing any move to appoint the speaker as an Indian being regarded as a positive or negative attainment.

To appoint the speaker as an Indian just to gain political mileage among the people would not be in the best interests of the community. We as a people have grown more wary and sophisticated in the thought processes to just be happy with the appointment of an Indian speaker. What would be needed is a government that has the interest of the community at heart and delivers what is needed in a timely and efficient manner rather than just a speaker’s position in name and no real help or aid rendered in strengthening the community. This alone would be the barometer of the Indian community in appraising the new Perak government. Though this might mean “losing” the speakers position yet it is a sacrifice that the community would gladly make if the end result is better service to the Indians in the state. Also besides the speakers position there are also various government arms and bodies that could have an increased representation of Indians to help the struggles of the Indian community such as the social, welfare and economic development arms of the state.

This being said the ideal scenario would of course be for the Indian community to at least get the deputy speakers position and also better service and representation in other bodies of the state government such as local municipal councils and such. In this way the community would still have an important position in the assembly and also have more hands on representation in getting opportunities and aid from the state government. Practical wisdom would always choose getting real help as compared to just having a title and position but in no way involved in the legislation and day to day running of the state. The new BN government has a unique opportunity to show the Indians of the state that they are a coalition for all races and no one will be left behind in the pursuit of progress and development in the state. This being achieved then for sure a resounding vote of confidence from the rakyat in Perak can be looked forward to in the next general election.

What is important now is to ensure that the Indians in Perak are well taken care off. Giving a position alone is not important but what is important is the Indians in Perak will not be deprived of their rights as a MALAYSIAN cause at the end of the day we are all MALAYSIANS.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Money politics is indeed a threat that has to be dealt with urgently and effectively. One reason that it is so harmful is the fact that it is the precursor to full fledged corruption within the government when allowed to grow and thrive.

This being the case it was with much interest that I read the statements issued by the much respected UMNO elder statesman Tengku Tan Sri Ahmad Rithauddeen.

His solution to the problem may have its merits but in my humble opinion would not totally solve the problems at hand and in fact may cause more harm to political parties that enforce his suggestion of disbanding all Youth, Putera and Puteri wings.

The electorate is getting younger and these wings of the party are the conduit for the party to entice and communicate to the generationof youths that will play a big part in choosing the government during elections. Disbanding the wings would just alienate this vital group of voters even more and would not have a significant impact on the curing of the money politics disease. Also I personally know of many people across party lines that are active in the Youth, Putera and Puteri wings that are highly dedicated and want to serve the people.

They have no hidden agenda of selfish motives except the heart to want to serve the party and people. Disbanding their wings would just contribute to losing the services of dedicated people and their platform to contribute.

One solution that I feel will be more comprehensive in combating money politics would be the abolishment of the division system within political parties. Currently the division leaders are very powerful and play a big and influential role in the party elections. However they are few in number when compared to the divisions they represent.

That being the case using financial rewards for buying votes is not very difficult. However if the division system was abolished and branches were empowered to vote in party elections directly then the sheer number of branches would make it very difficultfor any candidate to use money to gain votes. Also when these branches are empowered they will also play a more productive role in serving the grassroots and transmitting the will of the grassroots to the leadership of a party. If the grassroots are served then the parties standing will take care of itself during the elections.

Bringing powerback to the branch chairman’s and hence listening closer to the will of the grassroots will not only help deal with the money politics issue but also keep the leadership in tune with the aspirations of the grassroots.

One thing is for sure, the political landscape has changed dramatically and for political parties that wish to remain relevant reform is necessary and pertinent. The will of the people cannot be ignored and abuses such as money politics should not be tolerated.

To lose sight of this fact is taking the highway to political oblivion.


If you have the money use it wisely and not buying your self to be popular.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have always wanted to write something about LOVE. But I never had the guts. Because it would cause ripples. But then again, almost everything that happens in this world will cause ripples.

The word LOVE is so common in English – This one word will encompass everything, however in Tamil – there are many other words which would mean LOVE in English (i.e. Anbu, Pasam, Kathal etc.)

LOVE is a word that’s so powerful. It would melt everyone, and I mean everyone.

I have asked my self why it so difficult to fall in LOVE with a person that you care. But, then I realize that LOVE must come out of a feeling that’s very, very…hmmm… how I shall put it. I am just so dumb that I can’t explain.

But then I have come to a stage and realized that I know I am not a person whom anyone who want to fall in LOVE with.

Its like been there, seen it and know it and I am not in that league at all.

I tried and have failed – right from school till now.

But then again, LOVE is very much in everyone’s heart and soul and so is mine.

As I was trying to understand love better, I happen to read this poem and I LOVED it the moment I read it.

I am sharing it with all of you…

Love is....

Knowing you can be yourself,

knowing in your heart you can truely be yourself.

Love is.......

That feeling you get,

whether upon sight,

with the joy that brings,

or on departure, with the pain that never stops happening.

Love is....

That magical moment,a kiss, a touch,

a glance,a gaze, a yearning,

the knoweldge in your heart that this is a once in a lifetime feeling.

Love truely truely is.....

All you've never had,

All you've ever wanted,

It captured you and holds you,

makes you understand what you've found,

It lets your heart be free,

and sooths your very soul,

It holds you in its grasp each day asyou cast your mind to the one you know so well.

Love is......

All we've become...

all we may or may not be.

But...Lodged in both our hearts,


forever and always.


Yes it can be painful and yes this is a dedication.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yes, Yes and Yes it has been more than 2 months since I wrote in my blog. My apologies to all my readers, I wanted to start my new year with plenty of things planned for the year. But all stood still when my mother was admitted in the Kuala Lumpur Hospital since 31st December 2008.

My active and fast moving pace was on a standstill, despite being asked to move on and not spend too much time in the hospital; I defied all those calls and stayed put there throughout her 8 days stay there.

I spent my hours there thinking of what to do; what I have done in 2008? What should I do in 2009 and beyond? I was shocked and I realize that, there are many things that I have not done compared to the things I have done.

And it was during this time of thinking, I received a call from Prasad (a very close friend of mine from Moscow, Russia) informing me that there were more than 300 visitors visiting my blog and they logged out with disappointment; because I have not updated my blog.

So to be fair to all my visitors, I decided to write what I want for 2009 and here it goes;

I want to be in a place where there is peace.
I want a world where there is no war.
I want a paradise that’s peaceful.

I want the type of blood that keeps me going.
I want a heart that keeps no secret.
I want a heart filled with love and no expectations.
I want to be able to keep my patience at all time.
I want the ego in me within my control.
I want a lip that smiles all the time.
I want to be as serene as the sunset.
I want to live a live that fits my age.

I want a friendship that’s heartwarming.
I want words that would not hurt anyone.
I want a strength that can tame the tiger.
I want a force that’s as strong as the lightning.
I want good thoughts to materialize.
I want to see smiles that are sincere.
I want to be able to handle betrayal.
I want to have an eye to identify the betrayers.

I want a freedom like the wind.
I want to have the wings of a bird.

I want to have the strength to fulfill my aspirations.
I want success though hard work.
I want richness which doesn’t frighten.

Having said all I want for 2009, I just can pray hard and hope GOD gives me what I have asked for. I hope it’s not too much to ask for. YES, what ever I asked for – is for me and only me and YES, it could be selfish, but then again, I can’t change the world and at least for a start I can change my self.


I am sure you would have heard the above lines elsewhere, I must say it is not my poem, I took it from another poet. BUT, the point is, I liked this poem when I heard it for the first time I felt so energized.

We cannot expect to change the world. But, the first step is changing ourselves.

I hope I can and with you guiding me and being a friend, I am sure I will be a better person.