Saturday, February 12, 2011


My dear friends,

I am pleased to share the following email and his happiness with all of you.

the email is as follows;

Dear friends,

The dictator had left Egypt and turned over the authority to the supreme army council.

Most of the Egyptian are happy and celebrating in the streets.
according to the constitution we must have a new president within 60 days.

Guess what ...... none of the opposition parties has a capable candidate. and no one can be prepared to run the country in 60 days.

The solutions are : ( tick only one)
A- Old face from the previous regime
B- Army officer
C- Importing a ready to use president from China.

Next 2 months are very critical.

Thank you for supporting my country...... I wish you all safety.

Dear Efraim : As a potential president, i might need an expert politician to teach me a few things about how to run a country...... what do you think ??


Monday, February 7, 2011


The Barisan Nasional government has always taken the path of moderation, respecting the views and opinions of all parties, organisations and individuals.  It has taken the same path in the issue of ‘Interlok’.
While giving the opportunity for all to put forth their arguments and respecting all views, it is imperative that the leadership makes a decision that is firm, fair and addresses the fundamental role of the government to uphold peace and unity of the nation at all times.  We are all aware that no decision will please everybody but we must respect and believe in the wisdom of our leaders chosen in a democratic process.
As parliamentarians, we have taken the oath of office to serve the people in our constituency and the rakyat in general, without any bias on their religious, political or social stand in life.  As an elected representative of the Barisan Nasional government, I will continue to serve the people whilst respecting the right of the people to have their own views on all matters close to them.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I would like to share an email that I have received from a close friend of mine from Cairo, Egypt. We met in Gummersbach, Germany a few years ago during a leadership seminar and we have been in contact since then.

For those who want to know what is actually happening in Cairo, this is a good letter to read.


Sorry for my short note on my last mail, but i wasn't home, and suddenly i discovered that i am connected to the internet.
Now i am home, so i can write more.

First of all, me and my family are OK. thank you for asking.
I lost some friends (they were shot by criminals).
I lost my work, the buildings was burned.
I lost my car (I saw somebody driving it on TV)

The story is very strange, the situation in Egypt is dramatically changing every 30 minutes. It is unpredictable.
Very important do not believe the media specially "El Jazirah"
it is NOT neutral at all.

Do not believe any party now, there are NO facts. only assumptions or unscientific conclusions.
I will tell you things that i witnessed myself (i am walking on the streets to collect information so i may understand what is happening):

1- Most of the police stations were burned at the same time.
2- Many police men were inside the police stations when it was burned.
3- Many historical places were attacked at the same time.
4- Many museums were stolen at the same time.
5- Many prisons were attacked at the same time.
6- Most of the protesters who were in Tahrir square yesterday are
( Highly educated - High economic class - employed - some of them hold more than one nationality) this means that they are not representing the majority of the Egyptians who are - according to the UN, USA and Egyptian authorities- : more than 60% cannot read or write- 20% are unemployed - more than 50% under the poverty line)
7- the supporters of the president who stated their campaign today are tooooooooo many and most of them ( low education or no education - poor or low income - workers or farmers (majority of the Egyptian) -

I am from the opposition, and my party is a main player in the current event, but what i see now makes me confused. i need more information to understand.

If any of you have any information, please share it with me. ( No information from Media is required)

My Love to all of you

Ahmed Ibrahim