Friday, July 6, 2007

Bloggers Buff 2007

During my recent travels around Peninsular Malaysia promoting Putera MIC, i have been mentioning that at the present moment of time we are living in 2 types of World. One, the real world and the other one is the virtual world.

Plenty of things predicted in the virtual world turn out to be real in the real world. Not all, offcourse there are some culprits (whom i term them as shock sendiri) will super impose people's pictures with a hope that it will become true - fat hopes. I would like to suggest to them, why not super impose your mother, father, brother, wife or sisters picture or better still your own picture - How sick can one person be ?

Anyway, coming back to my topic - Putera MIC which was just formed a few months ago would be making a giant step - supporting the organising of the Bloggers Buff 2007. For me its a giant step for an organisation which is just 4 months old. I believe the future is in the ICT world, in a short time of 4 months i have realised that one of the 'Blue Ocean Strategy' learning for me is to create a strong link between Putera MIC and the Virtual world.

I have taken a task to swim in this virtual world, i may sink or i may be able to swim to the shore, but i am sure, with the team that i have organising the bloggers buff 2007 - i will not sink. I salute B Mahendran, Amutha, Praveen, Puvanan and all their team for succesfully organising this historical event.

I think we would be the 1st political party in Malaysia to organise a bloggers workshop.
Some time back, when our Dato' Seri Party President announced the formation Putera MIC and mentioned his wishes to create the 3G Leaders - Many were unsure if that is possible - I will not fail the task which has been given to me despite many challenges out there as I know we have the ability to create the 3G leaders.

My Views; Let us all swim in the blue ocean and feel the virtual worlds strength and this would be the only way where the community will have an advantage to be the champion.