Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Another Interesting fact that I would like to share, is the National Anthem ‘NEGARA KU’, not that many of us are not aware about this fact I want to share, but, probably not given much attention to it.

We can sing this song anywhere, anytime but have we ever explored the real meaning of the words?

The National Anthem is a song that’s being taught and will be taught to every one of us – to be accurate 24, 385,858 (as at 24th August 2006) citizens of this country.

How many of us are living by it?

Even if they are, are they practicing it?



I attended an International Public Relations Festival in New Delhi, India in December 2005. I and my colleague from the Institute of Public Relations of Malaysia Mr. Thomas Samuel represented the Association and the Country at this festival.

25 countries and more than 500 Public Relations Practitioners attended this Festival and I was given an honor to present a paper title ‘Public Relations in a Plural Society’.

In that paper, I clearly mentioned that there are 2 unifying factors or shall I say the foundation for the unity in Malaysia and that they are:


It was after that, every one else in Malaysia was talking about Rukun Negara. I am not claiming that I am responsible for the government to implement the campaigns to instill the values of RUKUN NEGARA. But, I am glad that my thoughts were along the same line. Infact, my colleague Mr. Thomas Samuel on numerous occasion has mentioned to me that, I said the right thing at the right time.

The privilege which was accorded to me to represent the paper in that august audience is infact a honor not only for me but for all MALAYSIAN INDIANS.

MY Views.. Let’s go back to the basics, lets not just only sing the National Anthem and read Rukun Negara, but, lets lead a life by practicing it.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


The Five Principals of Malaysia - RUKUN NEGARA

Belief in God
Loyalty to the King and Country
Upholding the Constitution
Rule of Law
Good Behavior and Morality

If you read the above lines….there is no mention of a religion or race !

If only all Malaysian’s can go back and read and live by these principals, MALAYSIA would be a better place than heaven.

If only all Malaysian’s can live by these principals, MALAYSIA cannot be challenged by any other powers of the world.

If only all Malaysian's practice their daily live by these principals, MALAYSIA would not only be the economy powerhouse of this world, we would be a pace setter for Multi Racial, Multi Religion, Multi Culture in this whole wide world.

We have the ability, we have the sources, we have the avenue, we have it all…..but???

MY Views…..let’s start living by the prinicipals of this country RUKUN NEGARA – Better late than never.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Unity - Will We Ever Achieve ?

Whenever we talk about Unity in this country, we always think about Racial Unity (Malay + Chinese + Indians + Others). I agree with that and that is very important and im not going to deny it. Infact, i have been recently invited to talk on this matter over RTM 1 'ISU SEMASA' on that subject, which i will write more about it soon.
But, what im concerned is that - UNITY amongst INDIANS! Will we achieve this. Many may feel that this is not possible and the first thing they would normally tell me is the same old 'Nandu Story' (when will we ever cross that bridge ?).
I am a person who believe that everything is possible (well there are some things which is not). But generaly to achieve UNITY amongst INDIANS is all possible.
I have in many instances spoken to some of my friends in the political arena and also friends in the media and believe me, they are all longing to see the UNITY amongst INDIAN. Again, my question is - Will this happen ?
When i travel the world, i meet Indians from all part of the World, i see them with respect, cause they are INDIANs, i don't know if they are united in their own country. But at least when i meet them, they are happy and that makes me happy.
In Malaysia, UNITY amongst INDIANs is possible and is taking place, infact, its happening every day, hour, minutes and seconds. But, all this will destroy if we have bad intention. Never ever, have an intention to back stab - the community.
I like to be a part of a system where one day - they look at me and say - Hey! he worked on unifying the community and he brought in respect to the community - That would be all i ask for.
I meet thousands of Indian Graduates all over Malaysia and never once i have spoken bad about any political party and my fellow indians who work hard to bring unity. All i tell them, is to serve the community once they have graduated and any one person who does not come back and help the community - i term them as an ungratefull person. I may have hurt some souls, but, i had no bad intention.
The future leaders of the community are in the Universities and they are UNITED infact very UNITED and i have learnt plenty of learnings from them and am implementing it one by one. But it is us outside showing them a bad example. Not all of us, but a minority of us and this is being exploited by a certain quarters to divide and rule the community.
I have also seen and heard MIC President Dato' Seri S Samy Vellu talking to the future leaders and i must say he is very focused and he has also instilled the values and the seeds of UNITY.
Let us walk into 2007 and smile at another Indian even if we don't know him or her. When we can smile to each other with ease then you will see how our malay and chinese brothers and sisters will look at us with respect - Thats possible isn't it ?
Let us walk into 2007 and help another Indian, when we help another indian, some one else will help is - Thats Possible isn't it ?
Let us pay it forward and don't expect anything from them - Just a litte not all. Thats Possible isn't it ?
So as i said earlier its POSSIBLE Isn't it ?
I will stop my comment here and am looking forward in reading your comments.