Saturday, December 23, 2006

Unity - Will We Ever Achieve ?

Whenever we talk about Unity in this country, we always think about Racial Unity (Malay + Chinese + Indians + Others). I agree with that and that is very important and im not going to deny it. Infact, i have been recently invited to talk on this matter over RTM 1 'ISU SEMASA' on that subject, which i will write more about it soon.
But, what im concerned is that - UNITY amongst INDIANS! Will we achieve this. Many may feel that this is not possible and the first thing they would normally tell me is the same old 'Nandu Story' (when will we ever cross that bridge ?).
I am a person who believe that everything is possible (well there are some things which is not). But generaly to achieve UNITY amongst INDIANS is all possible.
I have in many instances spoken to some of my friends in the political arena and also friends in the media and believe me, they are all longing to see the UNITY amongst INDIAN. Again, my question is - Will this happen ?
When i travel the world, i meet Indians from all part of the World, i see them with respect, cause they are INDIANs, i don't know if they are united in their own country. But at least when i meet them, they are happy and that makes me happy.
In Malaysia, UNITY amongst INDIANs is possible and is taking place, infact, its happening every day, hour, minutes and seconds. But, all this will destroy if we have bad intention. Never ever, have an intention to back stab - the community.
I like to be a part of a system where one day - they look at me and say - Hey! he worked on unifying the community and he brought in respect to the community - That would be all i ask for.
I meet thousands of Indian Graduates all over Malaysia and never once i have spoken bad about any political party and my fellow indians who work hard to bring unity. All i tell them, is to serve the community once they have graduated and any one person who does not come back and help the community - i term them as an ungratefull person. I may have hurt some souls, but, i had no bad intention.
The future leaders of the community are in the Universities and they are UNITED infact very UNITED and i have learnt plenty of learnings from them and am implementing it one by one. But it is us outside showing them a bad example. Not all of us, but a minority of us and this is being exploited by a certain quarters to divide and rule the community.
I have also seen and heard MIC President Dato' Seri S Samy Vellu talking to the future leaders and i must say he is very focused and he has also instilled the values and the seeds of UNITY.
Let us walk into 2007 and smile at another Indian even if we don't know him or her. When we can smile to each other with ease then you will see how our malay and chinese brothers and sisters will look at us with respect - Thats possible isn't it ?
Let us walk into 2007 and help another Indian, when we help another indian, some one else will help is - Thats Possible isn't it ?
Let us pay it forward and don't expect anything from them - Just a litte not all. Thats Possible isn't it ?
So as i said earlier its POSSIBLE Isn't it ?
I will stop my comment here and am looking forward in reading your comments.


mandelism said...

huh, a good one.
we always will have fightings among ourself, no matter what happens, it will be there, the very nature of humans is not to be same,not to be one.
But I do agree with you that unity is possible, even if we have different political ideology or wateva, we stil can achive unity , and to achieve this was the reason government did implement the RUKUN NEGARA, so that we all can have same cause, same objective ; for the betterment of the nation. By sharing the same struggle,vision,and cause we can achieve it. But pity, the importance of RUKUN NEGARA is never at all been emphasized at school, house, or by universities, for many, its just another rhetoric, another once-in-a-year patriotism spirit..
And sad to note that recent news shows that in a way the very own government agencies are not adhering to the spirit of rukun negara ;) dunt be surprised..but its true

And lastly, most of us wants unity to hapen, but always puts the blame on others..they wil just say "nandu kathey" again n again n put the blame on the other party, i think we must accept the fact that sumtimes we are a 'nandu' as well. we must change ourselves before pin pointing to others.

Hope 2007 will be a much better year,with lots of good events and news for all of us.

to blog owner, nice blog ;) keep it up, maybe you can promote your blog more. nice job

PKamalanathan said...

Dear mandelism,

Thank you for your kind comments. I agree with you in total, im a strong believer of Rukun Negara and have plenty of respect to that principles.

May GOD Bless you and all your thoughts, i will listen to your views.

As for promoting my blog, yes i will be doing that. I think i need more confidence and the 'staminar' to sustain this blog.

But, please feel free to let me know your views.

Anonymous said...

mr.kamalanathan, thanks for opening up a blog. Finally there is one indian politician on the blogging arena. enjoyed reading your entries.
Commenting on the issue of unity, i suppose its possible but i'm just praying its not too late. we should've nipped this matter in the bud. it has become a full grown bamboo that bends further with time. IT IS POSSIBLE but we have to ensure that it is done with care. we should not paint the image that indians will only be united with indians and not with other races.
We already see that happening extensively in all universities and colleges. Only a handful of indians are willing to mix with other races. but because of their friendly nature, they are most often shunned by their own race and are being painted with an image of arrogance and show off. i can see that most of them dont bother mixing with indians in universities mainly because of their gossipy nature. You always hear an indian say "they're natans or they're sadayans" i'm sure other races are talking about us that way too but discriminating other races is more rampant on our side. i know i refused to mix with a lot of indian friends during schoolyears because they always thought they were superior and they had branded me as show off cause i had a lot of chinese and malay friends.
As you said it earlier. It is possible if everyone are taught from young. parents, teachers, friends. lecturers, bosses and even the govt has a role to play. they should start with eliminating the race and religion column from schools and universities. i don't see the logic behind having that column in every damn form that we need to fill in this country.
These are my thoughts. Don't mean to hurt anyone. If someone gets upset, i sincerely apologise. :)


Anonymous said...

hello sir..
im happy to hear from you thru this blog.i agree with the word unity n i know ur the one who are looking forward to achieve it.i ll b part of ur effort n help our community to know well the value of unity.its a great move n i hope evry1 will contribute their views n opinions.its a good job sir.looking forward for ur another effort..
Padma (UNIMAS)

steady eddie said...

Dear Friends,

It was an awesomely strategized public relations exercize last evening at the National Christmas Party organized by the Ministry of Culture,Arts and Heritage.Whatever may have been the objective it served the purpose for Malaysians from all walks of live and livelyhood to interact and intergrate peacefully.Everything went well,and I must say,the Ministry of CAH tops the list as the main player responsible for national integration and unity and they have duly provided the impetus and thrust necessary for forging a national identity in the spirit of Malaysiana.

This is indeed preaching by example and Bro.Rais Yatim and Bro.Najib did the icing on the cake of diversity with par excellence.

I think some of the universities that are breeding grounds for fanatism,racism and melting pots of segregation, should take a leaf out of this.Like a learned scholar once put it, 'if we arent familiar with our own cultures and religion, how can we usurp the tolerance and understanding of others'.So whether its the Rukun Negara or Negara Ku, raise the flag of patriotism in your hearts and let the seeds of understanding,care and concern be forever nurtured and cultivated for the greater glory of this nation.Don't let what our fore-fathers and past leaders strived for be marginally eroded with these new trends of disharmony.In God We Trust....keep the faith of understanding,patience and kindness.It will safely and surely, take us into the next generation.May 2007 and beyond be enveloped in peace and prosperity for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
As you have stated, I too believe that Unity is possible. Whatmore in the current world, when we have the majority from our Indian community reaching heights in the world of education and carrier. Probably those days cast was a big issue and that was like a barrier set to split the community into smaller groups. I wont deny there are still a few out there who stick on hard to that concept, but looking at it in a general point of view, I am confident that all this hurdles can be stepped onto and that unity of our community is POSSIBLE! And now itz all in our hands, whether or not to make it a reality. And as mentioned by you, sir, we must create a chain, where all Indians will hold hands together and lead on to the path of excellent living.