Friday, January 5, 2007

ASTRO Tamil News Interview

I was invited by Mr. Kanna Simathiri of ASTRO to talk about the reasons on why our Putran's shy away from the Ministry of Human Resources Funded Technical schools.

There was a news article recently saying that out of 20,000 places which was available nationwide only 400 places were filled by our putran's - which works out to be a mere 2%. For your information, the department has allocated 5,000 places for non-bumiputra students. Chinese students fill in about 800 places - They are also not to keen.
I did mention in that interview that Malaysian Indian based NGO's, Malaysian Indian Congress - Youth, Wanita and Puteri, Yayasan Strategik Sosial have always carried out awareness programmes to recruite our putran's and putri's to be enrolled in Government Funded Colleges like Giat Mara, IKBN and etc. This will continue.

Why are they not interested was the subject of the discussion?

My findings and thoughts which i shared with the viewers are as follows;

1. The courses offered by this Technical Schools are not subjects that would interest our Indian Students. I have noticed that our putran's prefer to be involved in trainings like mechanical, electrical or handy man and etc. They are not keen in subjects like interior decorations, cooking and etc. As such, parents would rather send their putran's to a private college to complete a certificate or diploma.

2. Some of these colleges are situated far away from the students home and parents are not to keen in sending their children far away from their sight. Not because they don't want to part away from them but they are trying to be protective so that their child would not be exposed to unwanted relationship with new friends.

3. Language should not be a barrier although it was found out by the Ministry that our students shy way when they are asked to talk in Bahasa Malaysia. I was shocked to hear that. I don't think there is truth in those findings. But if the findings are correct - i am shocked with this attitude or our Indian Children who shy away when it comes to taking in Bahasa Malaysia. Bangladeshi's, Nepali's and Pakistani's working in Malaysia have learnt the language fast and we are still learning - that's a disgrace.
4. Sad but the truth is, our putran's i was told are normally offered places where they have to travel quite a distance. Infact, at times there are colleges which is situated near, but they dont get a place there and when they ask why they were not given the place there. 'Tiada kekosongan dan semua dah penuh'......MACAM MACAM ADA.....

I have offered myself to help parents and children who want to enroll in these technical schools and if you know of any students who is keen, please do let me know.


tulipspeaks said...

One simple question anyone would ask will be "what i am (or my child) going to do after that?" May be a little shallow but I'm sure many have that doubt. Lets say you answer them saying that you can do this and that, they might just brush it aside saying they (or their child) can earn as much as that even without going to such training. Its not they are not aware of it. They don't find it attractive. With private colleges accepting those even without 3 credits, its an up-hill task to attract Indians or Chinese students to join such training colleges.

But to say they are shying away because of the use of Bahasa is rather unacceptable.

novinthen said...

Can Mr.P.K upload the video ?

Would love to watch it :) ...

Other bloggers do assist Mr.P.K in upload video ( would do the trick )