Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Public Relations in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality - Chennai, India

Hello everyone !

First of all you have to forgive me for not writing for some time now. Some of you may be aware that I have been on the move after organizing People’s Pongal. Infact after organizing People’s Pongal I attended a Public Relations Conference in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and the moment I got back, I continued organizing People’s Pongal and just finished the Pongal Fiesta in Malaysia.

I guess from now onwards, you will be getting more writings from me, infact there has been so many happenings around that I actually don’t know where to start from.

But, I think it is only right for me to let you know about my trip to Chennai.

The seminar was inaugurated on 19th January 2007 by the Chief guest of the event, the Hon'ble Minister for Tourism - Tamil Nadu - Thiru N Suresh Rajan and Mr Aswini Kakkar, Exec. Vice Chairman Mercury Travel and former Chairman WTTC made the Keynote Address. The full day business session of 20th had 10 speakers (Of which I was one of them) and 3 panelists, covering major integrated aspects of Travel Tourism and Hospitality.

As the Secretary of the Institute of Public Relations, Malaysia. I reiterated that Public Relations in this sector or for that matter in any sector - will be able to deliver higher returns than mere advertising thrust. In my presentation I proposed for a greater Public Relations initiative in India. I also shared with my Indian Public Relations friends how we in Malaysia have successfully promoted 'Pongal' as a national event for all their citizens to involve and celebrate, taking it beyond any cultural or religious barriers. In my true words 'It is all in the positioning and Public Relations can do and deliver better positioning'.

I was also invited to present 2 lectures after the conference. One was presented to the Public Relations Students of the Stella Marry College in Madras and another presentation was made at the SRM College at Ramapuram for their MBA and the faculty staffs. At both of the presentation, I spoke on How Public Relations was able to create unity in Malaysia.

I must say the Public Relations Practitioners in Chennai deserves more than a pat at their backs; instead, it would be nice to see more Public Relations Chapters in India to emulate what the Chennai Chapter have been doing. The hard work put by the Chennai Chapter was infact rewarded when the Public Relations Society of India awarded them the most active chapter in India.

During my short stay in Chennai, I manage to meet and got to know many Public Relations and Communication practitioners and I must say my meetings with them have all been very good and encouraging.

Before my departure to Kuala Lumpur, I did have an interesting discussion with Mr. Ramana – The President and Mr. Danny Dass the Deputy President and we shared some ideas on how a better working relationship could be created between the Institute of Public Relations of Malaysia and the PRSI – Chennai Chapter.

I am looking forward for my next trip to Chennai.

MY VIEWS….. It is nice to mingle around with fellow professionals who are Public Relations Purist. I have learnt plenty of things from them. I have always said that the Indian Community has a flair for Public Relations – I was not wrong and will not be wrong – We need to be aggressive in getting more of our Malaysian Indian students to be involved in this industry as the growth in this industry is enormous.

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