Friday, June 1, 2007

Singapura. Berpura-pura !

My writings this week may sound a little critical. I am not writing this just because I received a comment from a reader to be critical, but, this is my personal experience during my recent working trip to Singapore.

I have always enjoyed my trips to Singapore; let it be on work, on holiday or just visiting relatives. Whatever the reason may be, I have always enjoyed my trip to that city.

My recent trip to Singapore was actually a memorable one, for one or two things that took place. Off course, during my previous trips I did not have an opportunity to walk on the streets of Singapore as much as I did recently.

Thank GOD I did not do that in my previous trips. If I would have done that, I may have known this fact much earlier.

1st Situation

I was walking for dinner at Little India, I got down from the LRT (which I must one of the best public transport systems in the world) and I walked at the shoulder of the road. Walking towards me was an old lady and she was about 60+. I saw her carrying a bag and I was careful not wanting to knock her as she was a little unstable. But it was fated, as I normally walk fast, accidentally her plastic bag hit my leg. I immediately said SORRY.

Her response shocked me and I was speechless. She stared at my face and said ‘You Idiot, You Stupid, You dashed at me’.

I just did not what to say. But, one thing for sure, I realized the word SORRY has no value there.

2nd Situation

I and a few Malaysian friends were at the Singapore Expo Hall 4, it was so crowded. At that time a couple was walking in front of us and then a promoter (little girl) went to the lady and complained to her that her husband slapped her. Off which, the lady shouted ‘Do you have a proof that my husband slapped you’ and the couple were arguing with the little gal. The husband was so disturbed with the entire situation and just went to the girl a pushed her to a corner, thank GOD that little girl did not fall or injure herself. She did not let them go, she ran towards them; she got hold to the lady’s hair and pushed her just like how the husband pushed her earlier. By this time, all Singaporeans were watching the entire situation (as though its WWF Fights Live in Expo). The couple was ready to retaliate, but thank GOD, my Malaysian friends were there, and they went in between and separated them and put a stop to the mess which was created. One thing for sure, that little girl had a blue black mark clearly seen on her cheek. Who hit her? I did not see – GOD did.

I must agree and admit, while the above situation was not good. I must confess that I did meet and interact with Singaporeans who were not only nice and friendly, but, very kind and light hearted. Who valued the word SORRY and THANK YOU.

YES..YES..the most important thing they actually did SMILE.

I just hope the younger generation of Singapore value simple words like SORRY, EXCUSE ME and not just asking “If I buy one can you give me one free ah?”

MY Views….. The SMILE campaign is working effectively, although more needs to be done. I think a campaign to value the word SORRY, THANK YOU, EXCUSE ME must be launched as well and they need to be strict in implementing campaigns like this. Just like how they have banned chewing gum in Singapore.


Pisang Balak said...

Vanakam........ actually when i wrote, prefer to have more cynical and criticising view, i didnt mean to put you down. But for me, your article about Singapore is not good enough to say, "critical" view.

I know you are educated public relations practioner. (Good to see another Malaysian Indian receiving award from the prominent royal family members).

You can talk about the leadership, about MIC and his role, future of MIC if current dictactoship administration is prolonged, youths today and future and so many titles. By doing that we can have a more open minded arguments.

But if you say this blog is only for your personnel matters then you just can put off my suggestion.

I belongs to MIC youth, but disapointed with his leadership. In my heart i still do have some sense of belongs to MIC youth but i dont commit the sense will be there forever unless i see some changes.

I see you, muru, mugilan and few others as a good character to lead youth and future main stream leaders but at the same time i do believe the gangster crocodile will try to eat the good character to make sure he sustain in MIC.

If you want to know the future of Indians, then you must look on the character of our Malaysian Indian youths today.

If you want to know the future of MIC leaders capability and strength then you must look at our MIC Youth capability and strengths today. Today MIC Youth are very weak and lack of capability then you know the answer for future.

The most basic tools to evaluate the MIC Youth capability is annual convention. None of them can stand and give a quality speech for 10 minutes. This never happen in other BN party.........

More need to be done.

galadriel said...

Ah Mr Kamalanathan...long time no see. nice to see u have a blog.
Was impressed by the PR thingie u got for People's Pongal.

But I must say, this posting does not reveal your true feelings. A bit contrived and while it presented two situations, did not paint clear picture.

What really strikes u? That Sing people are rude? or not? Both examples indicated so, yet u were reluctant to say so. I know all abt sweeping statements, but I wish u wudn't be so politically correct, even if u r a politician.

Anonymous said...

MIC might be useful for your PR business but please don't fool yourself that you will help "Indians" by being there. MIC cannot change given the reluctance of "Indians" to face facts and bring a change in their own lives. Accept that it is not going to happen and you will live a happy (hopefully, useful) life.

Those who understand this do not join MIC. The really smart ones have migrated and others are waiting to do so. At least in an advanced country no racism is allowed (although if you go looking for it you can find racists) unlike in Malaysia where you can be called names by a Melayu without provocation. Most thinking "Indians" are proud that they are Hindu by not being toadies. But I worry about you. If you really want to advance in MIC, then hang Samy Vellu's picture somewhere prominent in your house and send him greetings every now and then.