Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Weimer, Buchenwald, Dresden, Lommatzch & Erfurt - GERMANY

Never in my wildest dream would I have ever thought of travelling to Germany, but, even by chance I would have got to Germany, I would have either gone to Berlin or Stuttgart, but not to, the above towns.

YES! I got there all right and I must thank my dear friends at ERA CONSUMER MALAYSIA for nominating me to attend the seminar which I have briefly mentioned in my previous postings.

The Friedrich Naumman Stiftung as part of its seminar proceeding organised a Excursion to the above towns and I must admit it was a visit which was worth every bit of it.

I would write more about the seminar in my other postings. Now, I will write a summary of my visit to the above cities.


Weimer is a small town in the state of Thuringia, Germany and is a urban district and has a population of 64,361 people. It seems that it is one of the oldest cities as it has records from the year 899. According to history Weimer has some of the greatest cultural sites in Europe. But its speciality is in music.

Since I like history it was indeed a wonderful experience to visit the places which was once resided by Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Richard Strauss and many, many more historians and world renowned musicians.


A place that should not have existed at all in the history. Apparently this place was used as a concentration camp during the World War 2 and was extensively use by Adolf Hitler. I hate that man for all the cruelty that he had created although he did well in creating Patriotism and Nationalistic value in all Germans. It was indeed very sad to see how prisoners’ were treated – VERY INHUMAN. They were not only tortured but they were simply treated like animals. Can you imagine, there were some prisoners who was killed in the pretext of medical examination and then they have a cellar to hang the body till its time to cremate them.

If the Buchenwald concentration camp is a sin, I would say the same about the detention centre in Guatanamo Bay, USA and the ruler of that State ………… (Fill in the blank).

Sorry!!!! Time is running out and I will continue with the writings about the other destination in my next postings. I will write a brief of the other towns that we all visited within the next few days.

As for my friends or shall I say my latest family members from all over the world. They are all an interesting character to get to know, although they come from various background but we have the same wave length of thinking. Along with me is a Deputy Governor of a state from Brazil, a MP from Nicaragua and a would be President’s wife from Nicaragua….and many many more. I am indeed very happy that the relationship which was created here will last long as we have decided to create a link that would be connected all time.

Staffs at the FDF have been great. They have made sure that every thing is taken care of. They are so very strict as far as timing in concerned, but, friends would know that – I am a person who would stick to my time as such, fulfilling that rule of law was never a problem.

MY VIEWS……. GERMAN is a developed nation and is so advanced but I miss MALAYSIA. There can be no other place in this world that’s as good as Malaysia, although plenty of the teachings here really make me wonder if Liberalism is ever possible in Malaysia.


mandelism said...

Buchenwald concentration camp is a sin
same like Kamunting detention camp of Msia and its ISA laws :D hehehe...

ok gotta go class..welcome back tuaan!

Jyoti said...

Nathan -- Liberalism certainly can work in Malaysia. It needs to, otherwise the governments so-called harmonious multi-ethnic existence will one day blow up in their face. the tension is brewing. we need people like you to share Liberal ideas to the new generation there. Good luck