Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I have been traveling almost every other week since the last few months. Well, not for a weekend holiday, but more on establishing and working on the setting-up of PUTERA MIC branches through out Malaysia, and this weekend brought me to Singapore.

I have written an article on Singapore some months back (which was not that very good). While I admit there are certain areas that we should not follow our fellow Singaporeans, but, where there are lessons to be learned, I don’t think we should hesitate to learn from them.

I have learned plenty of things during this trip here to Johor Bahru.

Of course I would be implementing some of them soon and when the events do take place, I will definitely be honest to let you know that it was an idea that I picked up from the Singaporeans.

9th August 2008 – Singapore celebrated its 43rd birthday and like any other country who would celebrate their independence day with pomp and splendor - Singapore did the same. BUT, what caught my attention was the live TV message which was read by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore, His Excellency Lee Hsien Loong.

While I must admit that there was nothing extraordinary in his speech, but what I admired most was – While HE Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong delivered his message in English, the Government of Singapore appointed an Indian representative of their cabinet to speak in Tamil and a Muslim representative of their cabinet to speak in Malay – both of them delivered the same text except it was delivered in their mother tongue.

For me, that was indeed a fantastic way to spread a message to the nation that the Singaporean government not only emphasizes on UNITY, but they also take great measures to ensure that their National Day message reaches each and every Singaporean by including the reading of the National Day text in Tamil and Malay. Of course, we can go on and debate that perhaps in reality, the minority is still not well taken care of – I choose not to debate on this matter, although 10 out of 10 of the recipients’ of the top National Day Awards were given to Singapore Chinese.

The moral of the story is; at least in the eyes of the world – it shows that in Singapore, the National day is actually a day where all the races celebrate it and it also shows that no one race would be left behind (or at least not seen to be left out) in the development.


My Views……Malaysia would be celebrating its 51st National Day celebrations at the end of this month. Perhaps, the government could consider Dato’ Seri S Samy Vellu and Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Ting to deliver a national day address in their respective mother tongue.


Leonardo Ho said...

Sir, you're possibility suggesting something way impossible. Haha, it would be a very extraordinary event if it was implemented.

But alas, i guess ever since those rallies and such, races has been drifted apart in the society as each wanted better treatment for their personal gain. Hence the primary obstacle of Wawasan 2020.


It would be a good approach though if the government does happen to present such action to the society. At least they would consider to make an effort.

PKamalanathan said...

Dear Leo,

I know my suggestion at this point of time would be way out of anyone's thought - But, if we do the right lobbying and with the right persuasions skils - im sure we will be able to move something.

We must remember, nothing is imposible in this world (Boleh Berunding).

I agree with you on the drifting of the society. Personaly i think, we have not detached ourselves from our British Rulers - Divide and Rule. Some Malaysians may still have this mentality and regret to inform that the population don't see this.

You and I can make the difference, all we need to do is to embark on more events that would bring everyone together. But in order for that to happen - someone need to start - I have started this since 2003 and will continue to work on this.


Tim said...

Hi Kamala Nathan,

I'm reading some of your previous post, and I came across some really interesting ones. This is one really good highlight. Though I'm a little late with this one, since National day has way past, it's a great lesson you're pointing out.

Agreeing to disagree, I think it's only natural of friends like Leo to feel that barrier of concern if Malaysia could take it to that level of unity.

Agreeing with what you said, and if I may add further, is that unity is found within. Peace is found within. I believe when you have fought the battle in our very own minds and break free from the impossible, as we see the different color, creed, race and religion coming together, only then, the physical manifestation of such unity becomes possible.
Such is typical trait of one who steps up to begin the journey and make things happen. :)

Thanks Kamala Nathan for stepping up! I share the same cause as u :)