Friday, August 1, 2008


Yes I know, I have been missing again.

The number of calls and short-message-services (sms) that I have been receiving for the last one month was pretty unbelievable. After boosting my self with 1,000 hits a month, I suddenly went missing – no articles, no sound nothing at all.

Please accept my sincere apologies. As much as I want to write everyday, I just cannot do that for many reasons. But, whatever the reason may be, I am to be blamed for not writing.

I have now told my self that since this is the month of Merdeka (Independence) in Malaysia – I must write something which will be closely associated with the Independence Day of Malaysia – Nope I am not even thinking of Will Smith.

I have decided that I will be writing on a subject that is very close to my heart – The 5 Principles of the Nation (which is known as RUKUNEGARA).

There are 5 important values in the RUKUNEGARA and I would write on those values and sharing my opinion on each of those values.

I presented a paper during the World Public Relations Festival in New Delhi, India, the title of the paper was ‘Public Relations in a Plural Society’ and in my paper I concluded that if there are 2 (two) reasons why Malaysia will always be a multi-racial country and if there are 2 (two) reasons why the minorities in Malaysia would never be thrown away from the country is because of the RUKUNEGARA and the NATIONAL ANTHEM.

Read it as I share with you my opinion and you would notice that both the above have neither mentioned a religion or a specific race – and that is all about Malaysia.

It is indeed sad to note that the younger generation either doesn’t know the value of RUKUNEGARA or they are just not bothered about it at all.

By end of this month I would have at least posted 5 articles on each tenet’s of RUKUNEGARA. I would also include the opinion given to me by some friends and I would appreciate it if you could also share with me on your thoughts on each of the tenet.

My next posting would be on KEPERCAYAAN KEPADA TUHAN or BELIVE IN GOD.

My Views…..I want to do something to ensure the principles of the country is not only followed by each individual but also practiced.

p.s. As I was writing this information, I realized that I have just had my 10,000th visitor – THANK YOU for visiting my blog.

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