Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MIC’s role in the new PERAK State Administration.

The recent change in the Perak state government has brought about many a controversy and debates. Whatever the debates, the fact is that the constitutional and monarchial blessings are upon the new government. However it cannot be denied that with the change there is also an opportunity for the new BN government to show that indeed it has heard the voice of the people and their discontent and will heed it through their governance of the state.

This brings me to the issue of Indian representation within the new government. The BN coalition doesn’t have any representatives in the state assembly therefore an exco position isn’t a possibility and hence the calls for the speaker of the assembly to remain Indian is very emphatic and clear. It would be great if this position is indeed given to the Indians and it is surely something that would make the Indian community in the state and country proud. But there must be some consideration and thought given carefully before seeing any move to appoint the speaker as an Indian being regarded as a positive or negative attainment.

To appoint the speaker as an Indian just to gain political mileage among the people would not be in the best interests of the community. We as a people have grown more wary and sophisticated in the thought processes to just be happy with the appointment of an Indian speaker. What would be needed is a government that has the interest of the community at heart and delivers what is needed in a timely and efficient manner rather than just a speaker’s position in name and no real help or aid rendered in strengthening the community. This alone would be the barometer of the Indian community in appraising the new Perak government. Though this might mean “losing” the speakers position yet it is a sacrifice that the community would gladly make if the end result is better service to the Indians in the state. Also besides the speakers position there are also various government arms and bodies that could have an increased representation of Indians to help the struggles of the Indian community such as the social, welfare and economic development arms of the state.

This being said the ideal scenario would of course be for the Indian community to at least get the deputy speakers position and also better service and representation in other bodies of the state government such as local municipal councils and such. In this way the community would still have an important position in the assembly and also have more hands on representation in getting opportunities and aid from the state government. Practical wisdom would always choose getting real help as compared to just having a title and position but in no way involved in the legislation and day to day running of the state. The new BN government has a unique opportunity to show the Indians of the state that they are a coalition for all races and no one will be left behind in the pursuit of progress and development in the state. This being achieved then for sure a resounding vote of confidence from the rakyat in Perak can be looked forward to in the next general election.

What is important now is to ensure that the Indians in Perak are well taken care off. Giving a position alone is not important but what is important is the Indians in Perak will not be deprived of their rights as a MALAYSIAN cause at the end of the day we are all MALAYSIANS.


Dr R said...

The reason there are no Indian state assemblymen in Perak is very very simple, the people there have REJECTED MIC as the party that represents the community because they dont represent the Indians.

Everyone in MIC including someone like u is still living in absolute denial about the changing landscape in the country. Radical changes in the party have to be made if there is any slim hope of MIC being saved from its current dead n buried state and the first thing that has to be done is the shameless Smelly Vellu has to go and give up being a dictator!

The by elections in Kedah, if Barisan do put up a candidate from MIC, then Pakatan can put a cockroach up against the MIC candidate and i am 100% sure the cockroach will have a landslide victory..

Think about it and wake up to reality if u hope to salvage something from the dead, rotten party!

G.K.NAN said...

I think Dr R is just getting very emotional of being denied of a chance to get a project or some money of the former PR state government since they have collapsed.

Before we blame Datuk Seri Samy Vellu and MIC, let us not forget that eventhough MIC thru its candidate Krishnan lost DUN Bukit Selambau seat during the General Elections last March, we garnered about 10,000 votes compared to about 13,000 votes for Bebas turned PKR Arumugam.

Remember, this 10,000 plus votes came in during the lowest point in MIC as Hindraf issue was still boiling.

As such, if now, PR nominates a cockroach as Dr. R says or even someone better than that, BN thru MIC will definitely win.

Dr. R said that the reason there is no Indian state assemblyman in Perak is because people has rejected MIC. If yes, how come MP Tapah and Cameron Highlands won their seats? They are also from MIC. Don't tell me people in Perak rejects a Adun from MIC but supports MP from MIC.

And again, how come PR is always claiming to represent the people. Just gathering about 5,000 people cannot be construed as voice of the people. Perak has about 2 million voters, if at least 51% or more than a million speaks then we can say that it is people's voice.

MIC can never be rotten. MIC is not buried. If MIC didnt get a single vote during elections, then I can agree that MIC is dead. Remember, when Arumugam won in Bukit Selambau, 13,000 people supported him and over 10,000 DIDNT. It is not 100%.

MIC is never in denial. Only people like this DR. R who feels he is smarter than everyone else is always in denial. PR has lost Perak. It will continue to lose Selangor and Kedah.

Time will tell. Wait and See.

Anonymous said...

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