Friday, September 25, 2009


Over the week, i had to attend 3 funerals.

All 3 person who passed-away were close to me, out of which 1 of them (the entire family is known to me).

I managed to attend all the funerals to extend my condolonces to the family.

I pray to ALMIGHTY that Sanjay Chandrasekaran, Ramany and Mr. Rama's soul rest in peace.

I must single out one of them 'SANJAY CHANDRASEKARAN', At the age of 21, this young man had plenty of ambition and hopes. Although he was a very quiet guy, he was always smiling and till today i still can't take his smile away from my thoughts.

Sanjay's family is a very closely knit family and i got to know Sanjay through his sister Ms. Shamini Chandrasekaran.

I hope GOD gives the family the strength to carry on.

Mr. Ramany, ftom Banting was one of a kind - He assisted me in setting up PUTERA MIC in Selangor, a very hardworking and dedicated friend who will go out of the way to help me and Putera MIC.

While Mr. Rama is the father of Krishna, PUTERA MIC's National Council Member - A very kind man and pleasent. I once visited him at his home - his entire family was so kind to me. I am glad that i have met him once.

To the family of the Late Mr. Sanjay, Mr. Ramany and Mr. Rama - MAY GOD BLESS AND PROTECT ALL OF YOU.

Having said that, i have just realised that how important it is not to have hatred, one day you are all alive and the very next day you are no more.

I used to wonder all the time, if something like that happens to me. I get afraid and worried, not that im afraid of death - but the sudden absence.

One important thing that i have realised is that - i should not have any enemies or the least try not to have anyone. So when i leave, i can leave peacefully.


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