Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I received an email from 'a commoner' and i would like to share with you.
While im not shocked with the content of this email but im dissapointed with people who are planning to destroy a political party just because they did not get what they wanted to.
Here is the email for your reading;
"I will destroy the MIC at any cause". That was the phrase told by the former MIC deputy president, or would be even better to be said, the recently defeated candidate for the Deputy Presidency post, Dato Subramaniam

The man, who went against the president’s choice, seemed to be showing his true color now by seeking new avenue thru political entities. The man, who once promised to bring changes for the party, has now become the guardian of newly born party, “Makkal Sakthi”. Dato Subramaniam’s associate, Mr Oms Thiagarajan, a leading Indian businessman in the city who has been funding Dato Subra during the MIC election in September, also, funding for the infant party in monitories ways.

Dato Subra, is a betrayer, a word that describes well about him, a man without a principle. If ever he were to be the President for the Makkal Shakti party, it’s going to be a big shame for the community for accepting a betrayer as a leader. Makkal Sakthi party’s objective which was to support Keadilan party and get rid of UMNO dominated Barisan Nasional, but today the objective is over turned by inviting UMNO President to launch the party. This clearly shows the fundamental basis of party formation is simply for personal gain of several people, including Dato Subra who wishes to extend his political mileage and political gain and not for uplifting the Indian community.

Forming more Indian based parties will eventually break the unity of Indian community, and knowing this, Dato Subra being the man behind Makkal Sakthi. His promises after last general election which was to work with MIC to bring back the support and unity among the Indians has gone with the wind. Today, this man being double headed, for his gain, but community’s lost

-a commoner-
The opinion above is not mine but i am merely posting an email i received so that people know how desperate one can be.

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