Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Although it is commendable that Datuk Nasir Safar has taken responsibility for his callous and hurtful statements by resigning yet his action is not equal to the crime committed.

The authorities should take the strongest possible steps by charging him with sedition. This is to act as a deterrent to others while reinforcing that a resignation doesn’t resolve one of such serious mistakes.

I am shocked after 52 years of independence we still have Malaysians threatening us by saying that they will revoke our citizenship.

I think I am more Malaysian than he is.


Anonymous said...

The authorities should take the strongest ACTION ON THIS MATTER

Anonymous said...

I think he shouldn't just resign. He should forcefully made to explain his statement and apologise!

Severe action should be taken against him. This is where ISA should interrupt! Malays, Chinese and Indian are the main population of Malaysia. Indenpendence of Malaysia would have not been achieved if not for the unity of all the three major communities.

This person carries the title Datuk! Conferred by the federal government. If this person doesn't have the respect onto what the federal government holds strong towards to, 1Malaysia, then government must teach its people the importance of 1Malaysia, by stripping his title.

I as a student, don't face this problem communicating with other races, nor getting their help! I thinks it's just these politicians seem to be taking things for granted with such vital matter.

Let's see how the government chooses to deal with matter such as this!


Anonymous said...

Sedition Act is the only solution for the racist Nasir.... he is not eligible to be addressed as "Datuk"...... the 1 Malaysia motion is to promote unity & to strenghten the relationship of our multi racial community.Campaigning for 1 Malaysia is ain't enough till we have this kind of melicious parasite among our midst. Hence, as a deterent, Nasir Safar should be detained under the ISA sedition act.
-Putera MIC Selangor-

Kunarab said...

We should give him a chance to explain y did he say that and wat made him say such things and ask for a public appology..

Anonymous said...

Dear Kunarab,
Given a chance? I think he should be forced to give an explanation, and beyond all his title should be stripped. It's a disgrace to that title!!

Maaran Matters said...

Well, with MIC mandores backing thier bosses, more people have the guts to say it in public which MIC shy away with tail between its legs.

You guys never change.
Same shit, different team.
(same boss)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

MIC you will never changed.

Please lar, don't talk talk here, take some action to your boss UMNO. Dare or not?

Anonymous said...

You talk like James Bond but act like Samy Vellue. Done nothing for Indian.

Anonymous said...

kunarab is a real 'anak 1Malaysia'

tool of UMNO said...

This showed what a hypocrite you are, supporting PERKASA when you are chosen as UMNO's candidate but criticizing Nasir here before you know you have become UMNO's lapdog.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you won the election. Now is time for you to share your winnings with the rest of your brothers. We expect contracts and hand outs like we always do. After all we Indians don't mind betraying our race. We will kiss hitler if we had to so kissing Najib's feet or hand or whatever is fine lah. We indians can take it up the S if we had to. Malaysia India Boleh!!

Anonymous said...

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