Thursday, December 23, 2010


For those who have visited Kuala Kubu Bharu, you would know that this town is not only a peaceful and quiet town, but the neighborhood here is also very friendly and would be warm to any visitors even if they don't know you, that's the nature of Kuala Kubu Bharu.

However, yesterday at about 4pm, this quiet town was suddenly up and running with anxiety, as the District Police Headquarters was informed via a phone call that there were 2 parcels in front of 2 buildings wrapped and they were not sure what it was.

The Police Team headed by the OCPD Tuan Norel rushed to the scene to investigate the situation and immediately cordoned the main roads around that area. Thank GOD, this was not near the city - can't imagine the massive traffic jam that it would have caused.

I was concerned for the residents especially the shop owners who I know well, when I was informed, I called the OCPD to confirm if the news was true and upon his confirmation, I rushed to the scene, to console the residents and also to thank the Police force for the immediate action they took.

Once I arrived at the location, which was under control, I met a few residents and spoke to them, though they were worried, but, they were quite relaxed, guess the coolness of the town made them to look at things that way.

I met the OCPD and he briefed me on the situation and told me that they found a box size of A4 with a height of 4" to 5" at Jalan Dato' Muda Jaafar, infront of the AGRO Bank with the following remarks 'one day finish if no warming letter - Tom & gam bar tengkorak'. The second box was found at Jalan Mat Kilau in front of Hotel Melati/Restoran Ohmanas, with writings 'don't touch don't open very bahaya' with a picture of a skull.

The Bomb Disposal Unit and the Police Forensic Unit was already at the scene to investigate and to do the necessary action.

After about 4 hours, it was informed that there was no explosives in the parcel, just some papers, pamphlets, plastic bottle and a few other papers very well wrapped.

I'm sure that the Forensic team would have done a proper investigation and would be able to identify what was the real cause.

I must congratulate the Hulu Selangor OCPD and his team for being able to handle the situation very well and immediately.

Thank GOD, there was no real threat and I do hope Kuala Kubu Bharu would always be a town that brings in fresh air and fresh hop.