Saturday, February 12, 2011


My dear friends,

I am pleased to share the following email and his happiness with all of you.

the email is as follows;

Dear friends,

The dictator had left Egypt and turned over the authority to the supreme army council.

Most of the Egyptian are happy and celebrating in the streets.
according to the constitution we must have a new president within 60 days.

Guess what ...... none of the opposition parties has a capable candidate. and no one can be prepared to run the country in 60 days.

The solutions are : ( tick only one)
A- Old face from the previous regime
B- Army officer
C- Importing a ready to use president from China.

Next 2 months are very critical.

Thank you for supporting my country...... I wish you all safety.

Dear Efraim : As a potential president, i might need an expert politician to teach me a few things about how to run a country...... what do you think ??


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