Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I was shocked with the sudden death of my good friend DharminderSingh (known to most of us as Dharm) from The Star.

I have know Dharm ever since i was working with the Malaysian Palm Oil Promotion Council (now known as Malaysian Palm Oil Council). He covered many of the events that i use to organise and helped me to keep up my good work.

Even after i left MPOPC and joined CAROTINO and JATI, we kept in touch and meet once in a while and we always exchanged greetings.

I met him recently and he wanted some help and i was willing to assist him, even when i won the Hulu Selangor Bye-Election, he was one of my friends who send me a message congratulating me on my success.

As mentioned earlier, we met recently and spoke for a while, he as usual was covering a news and after that we spoke for a while and we agreed that we shall meet as he wanted to share something with me and needed my help and i was looking forward for that day - and the day will never come by anymore.

I have for some time, planning and trying to meet-up with my friends who i have not met or spoken for a long time, recently, i even send messages to about 200 friends of mine asking them to have a cup of coffee/tea with me, most of them replied and a few did not. The sad thing is, some close friends got angry with me, cause i did not ask them out for coffee instead asked their friends out for coffee.

Anyway, i realised that I have not met many friends who were with me for a long time and just could not meet them, as the amount of work to be done and to fulfill my constituents request takes most of my time away.

I have now decided, that i will make it a point to meet friends as soon as possible. Even if its only for a few minutes. I will communicate with them or worst case scenario, will at least try to call them.

Dharminder is a friend that i will never forget. I am sure his family will miss him dearly. I just pray to GOD the Almighty that my good friend Dharm will rest in peace in heaven and i do hope when we meet up there, remember me my friend.

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