Saturday, March 12, 2011


After meeting all the parties involved I’d like to state that a satisfactory result has been found to put this troubling issue to rest. The catalyst for such a speedy end to this potentially polemic issue has been the frame of mind of all the parties involved to reach a solution that is best for the students and putting self interest in the back burner while embracing the spirit of unity and racial harmony and for this I’m very thankful.

The schools headmaster has taken responsibility for not informing the parents of the children when they were arrested and taken to the police station. He has also sincerely apologized for this lapse in duty and states that there was no mala fide when this happened but rather the confusion that resulted from the suddenness of the issue.

The aforementioned teacher in the issue has also apologized profusely for her unbecoming comments which were neither warranted nor acceptable for someone in her noble profession. She sincerely apologized for her behavior. She also stated that it was a communication breakdown that resulted in her comments. She also admitted that the police report she lodged was false. She wasn’t in any way threatened by the students but lodged the report as a way of protecting herself from the growing crises and the after effects of her actions. The school authorities have also decided to accept copies of the book that are returned by students. Although they state that there isn’t a circular from the education ministry that allows them to do so yet after I explained that the honorable DPM and Education Minister YAB Tan Sri Muhiyiddin Yassin has clearly stated that the book is not to be used in the schools until it’s been abridged and edited.

I’d also like to inform everybody that the district education department has agreed to propose the transfer of the said teacher which was requested by the parents of the students. Although the officials said they couldn’t immediately make such decisions because those decisions fall under the purview of the district education management meeting. However they did agree to make a proposal at the management meeting supporting the transfer of the teacher. The state education officials present at the meeting also informed the teacher that a circular passed in March 2010 had clearly stated that public servants should always refrain from saying any words that discriminate against and are sensitive in nature any race or religion. They added such action could result in a transfer and even suspension pending an investigation.

I’d like to also state my severe disappointment at the way the police department of Hulu Selangor dealt with this issue. They have not acted in a way that elicits confidence of the public and is expected of the custodians of the law. The Harian Metro newspaper had reported that the police said death threats were made against the teacher by the students. After reviewing the reports I have not found one line where that statement is correct or true. It’s very irresponsible of the police to mislead the public in such a precarious manner especially considering the investigation pending. I’d also like to highlight the lack of professionalism on the part of the police in the arrest of the students. They didn’t even inform the school authorities on the arrest and this in itself is not according to procedure.

The PIBG chairman who is also the deputy OCPD of Hulu Selangor was also irresponsible in the way he handled the whole affair. As a senior police officer he should have handled the matter in a more mature and professional manner. I will also be personally writing to the Selangor state CPO Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah to complain about the irresponsible behavior of certain police officers and the manner they arrested the students. Im sure there are procedures about these matter which were not followed and would like the CPO to take the appropriate disciplinary action where needed to ensure such behavior isn’t repeated.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all the officers present from the state and district education department of Selangor who were very helpful in contributing towards solving this issue. I must also give my sincerest thanks to the headmaster of the school and also all the teachers who were very proactive in solving this issue amicably. My sincerest thanks to the parents of the students who also extended their whole hearted co operation in diffusing the situation.


Anonymous said...

Kudos YB for your dynamism and professional manner in solving yet another potential insult on a Malaysian By a Fellow Malaysian. When will we ever learn to grow up and galvanize our efforts to be a trully developed Nation.
Weldone and hats off to you again.

Subramaniam said...

The decent thing to do would be to withdraw the book from the school curriculum immediately. Had this been done earlier none of these unpleasant incidents would have occured.

Rafa's Red said...

If the teacher admitted that the polce report she made was false then she should be charged for making a false report and not given a tap on the wrist. Why are the laws of the country not upheld for all malaysians?

ntShan said...

Good work YB. Just make a point to info the vernacular press

Anonymous said...

You still don't get it do you?
It is not just the one word that was found to be offensive
It is the overall subtle brainwashing effect of the book that is unacceptable
Few have complaints against the novel per se only that it is not a suitable text for students in secondary school
Would you accept The Satanic Verses or The Malay Dilemna (both with amendments) as suitable for students?

Maaran Matters said...

Hello Dumb YB,

Your stupidity made the innocent students apologise.

But what about the teacher who made the sedicious remarks?
Did you have the guts to make the teacher apologise?
Did you have the guts to make the principal apologise?
Did you have the guts to make the PIBG chairman apologise?

But you have all the guts to kiss Muhidin's hand in public and fall on his feet for Hulu Selangor seat.

Shame on you stupid MIC MP.

Anonymous said...

Maaran Matters is an obvious fool

and dosent seem to have a brain in his head must be a PRR memder should not call himself Maaran But MORON