Saturday, January 12, 2013


It is bad enough that we have rebels without a cause, but these are rebels without a clue. We should do our best to assist the helpless but the clueless are beyond help.

Demo-crazy Political Party 'Pakatan Rakyat' creates anarchy for all. People will see. People can see. Creating ruckus and public disorder in Kuala Lumpur to attract world media.

We give them the Stadium, but they still want to hog the roads and create problems for the silent majority. Let's rejeect Pakatan Rakyat, let's reject anarchy.

Let's embrace Barisan Nasional and embrace Peace.

Sudah cukup buruk di Malaysia, kita mempunyai pemberontak tanpa sebab, tetapi apa yang lebih teruk yang sedang berlaku hari ini di Malaysia adalah kita kini mempunyai pemberontak tanpa petunjuk.

Kita harus melakukan apa sahaja yang terbaik untuk membantu mereka yang tidak berdaya tetapi mereka yang keliru dengan konsep tiada apa yang boleh kita lakukan untuk membantu mereka.

Pada pendapat saya, Parti Politik 'Pakatan Rakyat' yang gila berdemonstrasi mewujudkan keadaan anarki kepada Rakyat Malaysia. Berjuta rakyat Malaysia akan melihat dan boleh melihat bahawa tindakan Parti Politik 'Pakatan Rakyat' mewujudkan kekacauan dan gangguan awam di Kuala Lumpur semata-mata untuk menarik perhatian media dunia.

Kerajaan secara ikhlas memberi mereka mengunakan Stadium, tetapi mereka masih mahu berdemonstrasi di jalan raya dan mewujudkan masalah kepada segolongan besar Rakyat Malaysia yang inginkan keamanan.

Marilah kita bersama-sama menolak Parti Politik 'Pakatan Rakyat', menolak sistem anarki yang mereka cuba menghayati.

Marilah kita bersama-sama menghayati Barisan Nasional dan menghayati Keamanan melalui Kerajaan pimpinan Barisan Nasional.


Anonymous said...

Time now 3.05pm/12 Jan 2013.
Have you checked with the police on how much of these did happen?

a. Creating ruckus and public disorder in Kuala Lumpur to attract world media.

b. hog the roads and create problems for the silent majority

Good to get the mainstream media to start cooking up the stories now on how the event brought hardship for the rakyat.

But I bet you - your article is not even to the standard that the mainstream media is looking for.


Dun Hutan Melintang Voter said...

We are fed up being played by the politicians from both sides! No one ever come to politic to serve for the people. It is all about making as much money as possible! MIC has learned nothing from the defeat on 2008. We must thank the current ruling party for taught us the game plan and how to play it!

Spend the fund which you are using to brainwash people on FB such as "Nambikai" on our TAMIL SCHOOLS & YOUNG PEOPLE!

Perhaps, I am an anonymous but my vote on next GE-13 gonna REAL and you would about to see that :))

Good luck Mr Hulu Selangor MP. Hopefully you would defend your seat in coming GE-13. It ain't gonna be like By-Election!

- Dun Hutan Melintang Voter -

Anonymous said...

We know about your parents relationship with Samy vellu. That's how u came up. With SUPPORT! So shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

If this indeed is your opinion, then I feel sad for you