Saturday, January 19, 2013


Firstly my take on the new proposals by parliamentary special committee is that it is in line with the vision of the prime minister of having a transparent and clean Government.

Amendments to the section 23 will put a full stop to nepotism and favouratism as the officer cannot sit in the approval board if a relative or kin of his has applied for the tender, as such tenders will be given to the most deserving party rather than the most influential party.

The most attractive part of the new MACC proposal is the amendments to the section 36 as the MACC can initiate its own investigations by empowering them with such laws it will give the MACC a much needed shot in the arm with regards to fighting graft, initiating an investigation will give them powers to question the suspected parties without having to count on public reports as such the macc can keep a hawks eye on everyone 

Other reforms such as cooling off periods for civil servants are highly commendable as it will clearly indicate that the prime minister wants civil and public servants to be with goverment for service and care for the rakyat and not in service to secure a better living or making high profile connections as such i strongly pray that the amendments are passed as i believe this laws will be the pinnacle to the success of the transformation programme initiated by the prime minister.

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Anonymous said...

MACC can investigate, can they prosecute?