Thursday, February 26, 2015


The Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) has been on the forefront of the Malaysian political news for the wrong reasons.  However, I beg to differ that everything is negative about the ongoing tussle, disputes and interpretation of the MIC constitution by legal experts from both sides of the divide.
To put things in perspective, it is the party that matters and no individual is larger than the party.   It is refreshing to see that many people believe that they have the expertise and capability to lead MIC.  This is a healthy trend for the party and a truly democratic process that we can all be proud off.  MIC surely is not a dying party as seen by the many leaders who are eager to serve the community, in particular the Indian community here in Malaysia.  This is a positive environment and as a soccer coach would have termed it, “I have a complete team with capable players in all departments, including the reserves.”  With ample talents waiting to serve the party, it can only take the party to greater heights with the needed transformation to meet current needs.
As we take stock of this long ongoing issue, we can see that it has not destroyed the party but both the leaders have used their wisdom to come together to resolve the issue.  At a meeting attended by both Dato’ Seri G. Palanivel and Dato’ Seri Dr S. Subramaniam in the presence the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the Home Minister, it was amicably agreed that both feuding parties will adhere to the order given by the Registrar of Society (RoS) to conduct fresh election for all positions, including the President and Deputy President.  I am sure both leaders had put the party before self to come to this decision to resolve the impasse.  Only true leaders have the wisdom to come to such decisions.
I strongly believe that when both the leaders have made a decision, it is only appropriate and respectful for all members aligned to the leaders to conform to the decision made.  Any act otherwise will be a direct insult and disrespect to both the leaders.
It is therefore very sad that a member of the party had filed a court case against RoS only days after this truce was agreed upon.  Any such action by any member of the party should be strongly condemned by both the leaders.  It is highly unethical for any member of the party to act against the decision made by both leaders.
In fact, the MIC constitution does not condone any court action by a member before referring the matter to the Central Working Committee (CWC).

Clause 91 of the MIC constitution reads ; Every member shall be bound by the decision of the CWC in matters related to his rights, obligations, duties and privileges as a member of the Congress.  If he resorts to court proceedings in respect of his rights, obligations, duties and privileges or on behalf of any other member or in respect of the rendering or meaning of the provisions of this constitution without first referring to the CWC or in violation of any decision or directive of the CWC he shall be ipso facto cease to be a member of the Congress and shall not be entitled to exercise any of the rights of a member.
It is therefore very clear that the MIC constitution does not support dissent and it is now up to both the leaders to decide if they will be in agreement to uphold the constitution and act accordingly in the interest of the party.  The party constitution is the single most  important document that protects the existence and smooth operation of the party and the well-being of the Indian community in Malaysia.
I call upon both the leaders to show the same level of resolve in the interest of the party to address this suit filed against RoS as it will divide and create further disunity among members.  The implication of this legal recourse can be very damaging to the party.
As true leaders, I call upon them to act without fear or favour in the bigger interest of the party!

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