Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SJKT Nigel Gardner Food Poisoning : NEVER AGAIN

2 March 2016 : The food program for students who are under privileged is a noble endeavor by the government to make sure that the students who need it get the necessary nutrition so that their body and mind are in a healthy state to ensure optimum attention on their studies. When I heard of the food poisoning case of the students in Nigel Gardner School I was immensely angry and disappointed that such a careless situation could even take place.

During my visit to Sungai Buloh Hospital 
I was informed of the issue on the 26th morning while in Johor for official work reasons.  The first thing I looked into arranging was transport for the afflicted 20 student to be ferried to the Sungai Buloh hospital to be checked and I was very relieved that all of those admitted were in stable condition. As soon as I was informed of the incident my immediate instruction to the officers in charge was to suspend  the company providing the tainted food and also make sure that a  qualified supplier of food be put in place as to not disrupt the on going extra food program.

I personally committed to pay for all the treatment of the affected students and also their follow up treatment if deemed necessary. I also instructed that all 54 students who ate the food to be given transport to do an x-ray the next day as a precautionary measure to ensure they are really free from any health afflictions due to the food poisoning.

I visited the children yesterday and was very relieved when the doctors informed me that there was not any permanent health issue for any of them. I will also personally continue to monitor the progress and recuperation of the admitted children till they are fully healthy and back to school. However let this be a severe warning to all those providing food for school children that such occurrences should never happen again nor will it be tolerated and the ministry will use the full extent of the law to punish those who provide tainted food, nothing is more important than the health and welfare of our children.

I’ve also instructed that the school authorities and teachers in charge of this program first check on the food and its quality before any student is allowed to eat it. It’s our responsibility to take every step possible to protect the well being of students. I’m awaiting the ministry’s full report on the matter as well as the hospitals findings before deciding on a sterner action against the company involved.

- P.Kamalanathan

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