Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Vanakkam, welcome and Selamat Datang to my blog.
After much thought and discussing with some of my friends, i have decided to get into the blog information highway. I pray to the almighty that he gives me the courage and also the inspiration to write as frequent as possible.
I have created this blog to enable me to mention and say my opinion about MIC and also matters that's effecting the community. Some of my views may create some confussion amongst readers, but, i have no malice intention to anyone in giving my views.
This blog is also intended to assist the future generation of Indian Youths particularly the undergraduates to seek an opportunity and help the community via the Malaysian Indian Congress. I am promising them anything, but, only an appeal to them to come foward and help us to build the party and also the community.
As mentioned, i will try my best to update this blog from time to time and offcourse i will be a 'GENTLEMAN' blogger.
If you have your views and would like to share it with me, please do. I am looking foward in hearing from you, but please introduce your self so that it would be easy for me to respond.
Bye the way, my name is P Kamalanathan and you may get to know me better when you read my profile.


Anonymous said...

First of all let me congratulate u for creating a Blog for a very good course in uniting our Malaysian Indians.This gives great opportunity for us to share comments and views thus creating goodwill.
Every Individual Malaysian Indian would definately want to live a peaceful and united life. However, it is the Will of the Body Representing the Indian Community which is of question.
The population of our Indian community in Malaysia is a far cry compared to the other races and yet why are we dividing it further by using and identifying ourselves by ethenical origins, caste and creed?
The main body representing the Indian Community is suppose to work towrads unity n help solve our communitie's problem, but it looks like they are busy forming their own committee's among their own ethinical group.The Bodies representing Malaysian Indian's is far too many to do any good n this should be stopped immediately. They should come together and work under one platform as Malaysian Indians.
Lakshme Ram.

poobalan said...

Dear Sir,

Heartening to know that a member of our sole ethnic political party have made an entry into cyberworld. This is a right step in getting in touch with the younger generation. Many of them are now quite adapt with using Internet, even though mainly for chatting, online friendship and emailing. The physically disabled, the urban Indian, teachers, businessmen and so on are getting more IT savvy by the day. I hope more of our leaders are able to hop on to the cyber bandwagon. This will allow them to reach another segment of the grassroot.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!