Saturday, January 6, 2007

Disabled Trader Treated Harshly

Many of us may have read an article with the above title on the Malay Mail Newspaper Page 8 - Friday, January 5, 2007.

I had so many calls asking me what actually happened and since I was a councilor at the Selayang Municipal Council, I think it is only fair that I explain what actually took place.

I have known the members of the Independent, Living and Training Centre (ILTC) personally and they are one group of people who are not only hard working but will not keep quiet in fighting for their right. I salute them and their hard work and will continue to assist them in any possible way.

I know Mr. Murugan, despite his disability he wants to do something on his own. He is a person who would like to work and earn so that he can feed his family. He is a friendly chap and has never failed to smile whenever he meets me.

I was very sad to note that he underwent some very unpleasant moments at the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang branch office in Rawang.

I am very disturbed with the way Councillor Mr. M B Raja handled the matter.

YES, Mr. Murugan did not have a license, but the enforcement officers should have been kind to him and should have told him to leave and they could have gone further by getting a application form for Mr. Murugan to apply – It is not something that cannot be done. When I was a Councillor, we have always requested the officers to use commonsense policy – off course, in Mr. Murugan’s case – they did not use it at all. Does Mr. M B Raja know how many traders within the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang are trading without licenses? I am sure he knows that better than me and many others.

It was indeed sad to note that Mr. M B Raja went to the MPS Rawang Branch office only because the Council President requested him to do so but not to go and help the ILTC members.

Mr. M B Raja said that Mr. Murugan was fortunate as he did not have to pay RM250.00 summons and was lucky to have his belongings returned. Mr. M B Raja – Mr. Murugan got wet in the rain, he got humiliated and he also got his pants wet, isn’t that unfortunate.

Mr. Murugan is a disabled person, how is he going to see Mr. M B Raja who has a office in Rawang which is located in the first floor. All Mr. M B Raja could have done is at least offered to get the form – go and see Mr, Murugan at his home and get the application forms filled. But no, he wants Mr. Murugan to go and see him at his office.

The ILTC members called everyone they knew to help them, they also contacted Mr. S Vell Paari and he immediately contacted me and requested me to assist them in all possible ways. Infact Mr. S Vell Paari who is overseas now on an official visit called again to find out the situation.

We are trying to assist Mr. Murugan with the license and also trying to get him a permanent stall nearby the schools so that he would be able to continue his business.

Let’s pray not only for Mr. Murugan but everyone else at the ILTC and all their members.
I would also like to thank Mr. Stuart Michael from The Star who not only went there to cover the news but also bought them food as they have been in front of the MPS - Rawang branch office from 1.00 noon.
My thanks to Sangeetha Nair from Malay Mail for driving to Rawang within a few minutes to ensure that the disabled people's problems are highlighted and also Mr. Malayandy from Tamil Nesan for highlighting this issue in Tamil Nesan.

MY VIEWS.. As a councillor it is our responsibility to ensure that we become the bridge between the authority and the people. Many forget, they think, they are only answerable to the authority and not the people.


novinthen said...

Good to see our Indians helping each other =) . Met these ILTC 1 year ago back in Kelantan when was covering "rawang bala" issue. These people are very strong hearted people who are trying their best to live independent life. We should help them rather then giving them more problem.

2 thumbs down for Mr.MB RAJA

PKamalanathan said...

Dear Novinthen,

Thank you for your comments on the ILTC Issue. Am glad that you met them. There are many guys out there to help them and to assist them like you and me but there are also guys like Mr. M B Raja - who can help but will make it difficult for them.

mandelism said...

so in the end what happend Mr Nathan? did he get a license?
Kudos to those who helped!

tulipspeaks said...

any updates on this issue?


scammy said...

its 2007" my friend Mr.MB RAJA ,if you cant help we can forgive you but WHY? you made so difficult for that poor man!
the rest of you thank u for doing a good job

Jaya said...

Syabas to all those who came to the assistance of ILTC's plight. This is an excellent reminder to those who are in authority and failed to carry out their effectively. Those in power should understand that they are there simply because of the people and their main objective should be to serve the communities at risk and to reach out to them. It is high time the society changes people who warm their seats and build a wall around them. In my view, the matter was handle rather inhumanely and evasively by those in authority, not wanting to take responsibility for the aggression. It is time for those involved to take stock of their conscience and start working genuinely for the sake of the vulnerable communities at large!

PKamalanathan said...

Dear Scammy,

You are absolutely correct, if you can't help the least a eprson could do is not to give others problem. In this case Councillor Mr. M B Raja did both - He did not help and made it difficult. The worst thing he said was, he was there cause he was instructed to be there ! I was shocked !

PKamalanathan said...

Dear Jaya,

I will be making a comment soon on the current status on this issue but before that i would like to mention this, at times the authority carry out what is required or is recommended by the people who is in power. MPS has helped the ILTC and i am sure they will continue to help. But, this entire incident only proves 1 thing - You can do 100 good things and all will be forgoten when you make 1 mistake

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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