Friday, January 12, 2007

Marco Polo ! In our own way.

My dear friends, it has been a few days since I last wrote in my blog. If you think, that I have given up – then you are absolutely wrong. I have not and I don’t think I will give up bloging. I am actually beginning to like this, especially when I get comments from many friends from near and far. I will continue my journey in this blog world as long as I think my opinions would make sense.

Now you may say ‘cut all this crab, why have you been lazy?’.

Well, I have been very much involved in organizing People’s Pongal. Its reaching the D-Day and there are plenty of things to do, YES PLENTY OF THINGS TO DO.

I thank GOD for giving me a great team, who is working not only very hard but they are so dedicated. I will surely write about each one of them soon, so that the world will know who they are and I believe that anyone who is working hard should be rewarded. Since I don’t have much money to give them, the least I can do is openly say THANKS to them.

We have been doing very well in Pongal this time around, as readers of my blog, I think you guys deserve the latest and I shall just let you know some secrets.

We will be the first country in the world to celebrate Pongal in the International Airport. According to reliable sources, even in Anna International Airport they have not done this yet.

YAB Prime Minister has given a special message for Pongal which will be announced to all Malaysians on the 14th January 2007 and the best thing is that. We will call this celebration as ‘National Pongal Festival’ beginning from 2008.

For your information, our Pongal Celebration story was on the headlines in leading newspapers in India, Indian Express and The Hindu.

From 2007 Pongal will feature as an event that must be organized in all IPTA’s (Public Universities).

I am proud and happy with this achievement and I will continue to work on new thoughts and ideas. I have plenty of them and with the team I have – I know we will be going great places.

Please pray for us to have a successful event. If you have some time, do drop by University of Malaya on 15th January 2007 staring from 9:30 a.m. and let us all celebrate Pongal together.

Pongal Nalvazhtukal!

My Views.. Let us all be‘MARCO POLO’ of our own and find new ways and means to strengthen our tradition and culture. We should not be competing amongst us to be famous or who is more powerful then the others. But let us work together for the benefit of the community, nation and race.

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tulipspeaks said...

pretty impressive info for People's Ponggal. :)

btwn, about blogging.. once you have a grip on it, especially when you pass 1 year of blogging, it surely will become an integral part of your life. you'll nvr want to quit. i'm happy to see your enthusiasm to blog.