Thursday, March 29, 2007

Moderation....Dulu, Kini & Selamanya

I was having a discussion recently with Michael and Cecilia two days ago. The reason we met was something else [An advertising proposal for my organization to consider] but, after that we begin to talk about healthy food and so called ‘unhealthy food’.

I told them that actually there is no such thing as healthy and unhealthy food. What is ‘unhealthy’ for some could be the most important food ingredient for some one else. This then took me back some years when I was employed with the Malaysian Palm Oil Promotion Council. In one of our trip to promote palm oil in Europe, the Malaysian Delegation was comparing palm oil versus coconut oil and the conclusion was that Coconut oil was more saturated than Palm oil [which is actually the truth]. Then came Dr. Mary Enig, she walked to us and told us that we should not be criticizing Coconut oil, because as far as she is concerned that it serves its purposes in some parts of the world. In Sri Lanka for instance, the population there consume Coconut oil in their daily food diet and the number of heart risk cases there is not that alarming as the population in Sri Lanka are active and they burn their calories very fast, unlike in Malaysia, where Malaysian don’t even walk to a supermarket which is probably 200 meters from their home. Dr. Mary Enig told us as long we can eat any type of food that we like as long as we know the limits or in other words, even food intake must be done in moderation.

The same goes to even drugs. I am sure many of you know that some of the drugs Heroine, Marijuana and etc are used to treat some patients with certain health complications. But an over dosage of drugs could lead to what has happened to Anna Nicole Smith [I pray even my worst enemies should not go thorough what she went through].

Water is very important in life; we need to drink 8 glasses of water daily. But plenty of water can make a person drown as well.

Sugar is an important commodity and just about any other food you eat, there would be a certain percentage of sugar, but too much of sugar would lead you to diabetics.

If you look back, there is actually nothing to say good or bad. It is how you take it. It is like a person looking at a glass filled with 50% of water and saying it’s either half empty or half full – it is actually how you look at the situation. But at the end of the day – you make the decision, what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. No one can force you to do things that you don’t like to do.

MY VIEWS…. As long as you know what your limits are, you will not make any mistakes. In Malaysia, we need to be a moderate thinker, then we will find Malaysia as a wonderful country to live. I have mentioned more about food, but please consider moderation as part of your life ingredient as well.


Anonymous said...

★PKamalanathan You are on TV now...

novinthen said...

Agreed 100% on fast food issue.

Hopefully government can BAN cigarettes over MCDonald adverts.

Getting sicker with smokers around me. I think i'll get cancer before my buddies who smoke.