Friday, March 2, 2007

Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara

6 deaths so far. How many more ?

I believe life and death is not in our hands. Tuhan yang Maha Esa lagi Maha Penyayang has the sole rights to decide on that and we cannot appeal nor beg or bribe him to make a decision to favour us.

But then my dear friends, i am sure you have heard over the mass media recently that so far 6 teenagers passed away during their stint at the Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara. They died far away from their loved ones, they died without even saying good bye to their loved ones or the least to look at them for one last time - when i sit back and think about this, tears can flow.

I am not saying that the Management of the Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara is at fault, but, could there be a chance or could there be away on how we can overcome situations like this. Maybe a full medical check-up for all selected participants before they sign up for the Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara ?

There would be many reasons now by the authorities on how E. Prema passed away. But, what is even more important now is that - we should fine a away (if there is ?) to reduce or better still overcome the number of deaths at the camps of Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara.

The authority is going all the way to nab participants who skipped the training stint - YES, that is a good move. But, the authority should do their best to ensure that parents send the children to the camps without any hesitation.

But, my dear friends, i don't know what your thoughts are on this matter ?

MY VIEW'S.... Lets not have death number 7.


tulipspeaks said...

i was, all this while, under the impression that all trainees undergo compulsory medical check ups. only after this incident, i realised that's not the case. and the more i read about Prema's death, more agitated i become. the issue of she had to survive on burgers for the last 5 days of her life, how the parent's application to have her camps changed got rejected and the manner she was 'sent off' from the camp only add misery to already shaken family members. Ironically, the authorities issued conflicting statements on her COD on national newspapers! What does all these reflects? Will another parents boldly send their son/daughter to NS again? If the management could not assure that the safety and welfare of the trainees well taken care of, what is their justification in forcing them to participate?


tulipspeaks said...

Saw this topic being discussed in Malaysian Medical Resources. Its a blog by doctors for doctors. U may wanna read it further:

mandelism said...

put it in simplest term,

The 6( Mkini says 9) lives would not have been lost if not for NS.
Parents send their kids away under the promise by the Authority that they will be kept in a good condition, safe from any luring dangers, Only to find out promises by politicians are always empty ones.

One guy passed away, it was declared "isolated case". Then another happened, it was blamed on other factors. All possible factors will be pointed out by the ten fingers, not one to own self. The camp Kisana where E.Prema had her stay was reported to be unfit for such trainings. Even the Camp commandment cried foul of the situation to no1's ears.

To put it simple,
The family of the deceased had their dreams tarnished by the promises and promises of political leaders.No amount of money can repay that.

And certainly, 6deaths or 9deaths, is not ISOLATED. S'pore runs their own national service longer than ours, and they had one death in the last 4 years.pity I don't know how many deaths in the first 4years, so that we can have a good comparison :)