Monday, May 12, 2008


I have been receiving some comments from friends and anonymous readers, not many comments like how some of my blogger friends have been receiving.
I would like take this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation to all my readers and your comments, almost all of their comments have been moderated and published here.
However, I must admit I am not able to approve some of the comments as they were very vulgar and if those words were directed to me, I would have still published it, but it was not.
I may not be an influential or a famous blogger. In my writings I don’t criticise anyone, I just put my opinion in a much disciplined manner as such it is only right as readers you could also understand those values.
It is only a few bloggers (I am sure you know who you are) who has some problems in their upbringing, thus, words which are not cultured are used. It is because of bloggers like this many good bloggers are affected.
I just hope that they will learn and be responsible. GOD BLESS YOU.


bmahendran said...

comment moderation is important especially for public figure like you sir :)

agreed, as u said, that few bloggers uses 'words which are not cultured' (albeit I dont know who they are ;) )

.. its the same as those certain parliamentarian who uses 'unParliamentary' words which give rise to negative image for the rest of our YBs

puvanan said...

Hi Sir, Looks like your blog went through a whole new makeover.

And, nice to see you back in action, blogging after a short pause. Hope to hear more of your views and experience.

Keep Rocking! :)


Vanakkam Sir,

MIC cares


Sathanai Namathu Kaiyile,
Sarithiram Padaipom natile,
Sothanai ayiram vanthalum,
Thuninthey Name Munneruvom"