Monday, May 12, 2008


It was during my drive back from AIMST University, Sungai Petani, Kedah I realised how important was PUTERA MIC’s decision in supporting and assisting in the organising of the Science Fair for Young children.

At the moment of the time I was thanking my good friend Dr. Yunus Yasin for introducing PUTERA MIC to the Science Fair.

It has been a whole new experience for me and my colleague at PUTERA MIC. Why not? As we are the 1st Malaysian Indian Political Party to be involved and working together with some well renowned NGO’s in the country in organising an unique and exemplary project.

My first reading about the Science Fair for Young Children was in 2007 – it was at that time I told my self, it would be wonderful if PUTERA MIC could work on this project (at that time, it was just a wish) but never did I realise that PUTERA MIC would be part of it and besides thanking GOD I must thank CCI (Centre for Community Initiatives) & TAMIL FOUNDATION for giving us this opportunity and off course through Dr. Yunus Yasin.

Now after witnessing 2 events organised by PUTERA MIC Kedah and PUTERA MIC Johore – I dare say it was one of the best decision which we made and have no regrets.

To see a child presenting their research and explaining how they worked hard to see the results is actually a scene that can never be forgotten and on top of that, students have actually mastered the English language so well.

While we can go on and talk, shout and even demonstrate on the reducing numbers of Tamil School in this country, we must also work on areas that can actually develop the minds and thoughts of a child in the tamil school.

a) We need to find ways on how we can create confidence within the students.

b) We need to give them an opportunity to express their opinion via education.

c) We need to create platform for the students to excel.

d) We need to encourage, motivate and let them know that we would not mind being a bridge for them for the educational successes.


We in PUTERA MIC are very committed in creating the confidence within the students, we want to give them an opportunity to excel via education, we want to be one of the platform providers along with many other good hearted Malaysian Indians for their education excellence and we want to motivate, encourage and we want to make them top be the best.

Thus, we have now created a new idea – TO CREATE A NOBEL PRIZE WINNER AMONGST THEM – Its not just a dream it’s a reality if we put all our energy and resources together.

Please help us to help them.

As a backgrounder, PUTERA MIC was formed to work with Young Indian Graduates to assist Malaysian Indian Students in their education as well as promote the usage of the ICT facilities in this country.


The students need a trigger point to excel, let us be that trigger point.


Putera Mic | Blog Admin said...

Sir, Happy to see ur new blog design, Cool Layout.bye bye

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Kamalanathan,

I saw an article of yours in the NST today, and i was very much impressed with your insights on the formation of Putera MIC and the visions that you have in bringing this dynamic institution further.

The most impressive portion on the article which prompted me to write to you is that, you are a Great Reader, and i always believe that a Great Reader is a Great Leader.

I have been watching our Indian political senario for years and i have been fortunate enough to be able to sit down and have dinner with some of the great leaders of our Indian community like Dato Seri S. Samyvellu, Dato S. Subramaniam, Tan Sri G. Vadivellu, Dato Nadarajah ( Batu Caves Chairman) , and countless of other leaders.

I do have a few suggestions that i would like to have some inputs. As the saying goes, the Great Roman Empire was not built in one day ", so no point i give you 1000 ideas of mine ( which i am capable of giving) but, lets start with a simple discussion .

I have a humble opinion that our great leader Dato Seri has overstayed his usefulness. What is the point of giving a new song, a new logo, a new motto and new uniform if the current mentality of being a YES Man is still strongly being used.

He should give way to new leaders, and not try to groom his son on being the next Party President.

He should be the Honorary MIC adviser and not telling the downline what to do and let the new executives handle the challenge that lay ahead for the party.

The two greatest leaders that i feel we should all emulate is Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. Both these guys did not live a legacy behind for the kids, they did not build an empire for the kids to carry on but just sincere and honest vision for the nation as a whole.

The leaders should be able to build a new blood of leaders and leave when the time has come to leave.

30 years of execution from Dato Seri is enough, i would say. What is ur take on this ?


-Anak Merdeka-