Wednesday, August 27, 2008


On Monday 25th August 2008 I was invited to be a panel member on a talk show which was organized by Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage. This talk took place at Angkasapuri (Government TV Station). Along with me, it was indeed a pleasure to share the stage with one of my favorite person in Malaysia Y. Bhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Professor Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim and Y. Bhg. Dato’ Seri Professor Dr. Ibrahim Abu Shah, Vice Chancellor of the Universiti Technology MARA.

We discussed a topic titled ‘PERJUANGAN TANPA NOKTAH’ translated in English ‘CHALLENGES WITHOUT A FULLSTOP’. Although the time allocated was rather short, but with an experienced moderator like Tuan Syed Munawar we were able to express our opinions within the specified time.

There were certain issues which were sensitive, but I guess, I have now learnt to deal with it in a very rationale and reasonable manner.

I am not certain when they would be screening the talk show, but, please be assured that I would be alerting those details in my face book.

MY VIEWS…… Gone were the days where the might of armed forces would determine the invasion of a country, now, some countries invade us using economical and political landscapes. As such, the challenge for us to manage our independence is not only without a full stop but it is infinity.

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Tim said...

I missed the screening yesterday!
I was out with friends..I'm sure it was a good one. It's so true when you say infinity, because we're constantly growing as a nation. :)