Wednesday, August 27, 2008


And now my friends, the end is here, and so I write the last article in my RUKUNEGARA topic in conjunction with the 51st National Day Celebration. My friends, I say it clear, I will state my case, off which I am certain – that appreciating RUKUNEGARA will not only bring unity in this country but it would also help to build a better Malaysia.

I must thank P. Anka, J Revaux, G Thibault, C Fankois and off course Frank Sinatra for making the song ‘MY WAY’ so famous that every one in this world would want to use it for themselves (including me).

Actually I wish I could sing this song before I head to the box, but, then again, no one when will that time come.

Coming back to the final tenet of Rukunegara; A subject which has been spoken about at length by everyone not only in Malaysia but all over the world MORALITY.

Can you imagine that even in our own Rukunegara we have emphasized the importance of GOOD BEHAVIOR AND MORALITY, but then, how many of us do really care. I agree we are our own moral guardian and that no one can police it. But then again, we must make sure that we know what we are doing – right or wrong. I know I am not perfect as such I will be careful when I talk or advice to others, infact when some friends ask for an advice on a specific matter, I tell them frankly ‘I am not the best person to talk about this subject’.

In Malaysia and in any part of the world, I am sure individuals and groups conduct their affairs in such a manner as not to violate any of the accepted canons of behavior, which includes the abhorrence and rejection of any conduct or behavior which is arrogant or offensive to the sensitivities of any group even if it is the minority within the country.

At the same time, part of the GOOD BEHAVIOR AND MORALITY no one citizen should question the loyalty or another citizen on the ground that he or she belongs to a particular community.

MY VIEWS………..Lets serve the community to the best of our ability with RUKUNEGARA being the guiding factor.


Anonymous said...

I think the government should liaise with educational institutions to create a scheme whereby educating students the importance of every tenant of Malaysia in order to create a better nation.

Citizens of our country has been practicing their norms for their personal gain, whilst boycotting what has been set from the nation itself to create a better tomorrow.

Moreover during Monday assemblies at high school, students just mime over whatever has been cited by the oath maker, therefore knowing the existence of the Malaysian tenant, but unaware or uneducated with its true meaning/motive behind the message whatsoever.


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