Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yes, Yes and Yes it has been more than 2 months since I wrote in my blog. My apologies to all my readers, I wanted to start my new year with plenty of things planned for the year. But all stood still when my mother was admitted in the Kuala Lumpur Hospital since 31st December 2008.

My active and fast moving pace was on a standstill, despite being asked to move on and not spend too much time in the hospital; I defied all those calls and stayed put there throughout her 8 days stay there.

I spent my hours there thinking of what to do; what I have done in 2008? What should I do in 2009 and beyond? I was shocked and I realize that, there are many things that I have not done compared to the things I have done.

And it was during this time of thinking, I received a call from Prasad (a very close friend of mine from Moscow, Russia) informing me that there were more than 300 visitors visiting my blog and they logged out with disappointment; because I have not updated my blog.

So to be fair to all my visitors, I decided to write what I want for 2009 and here it goes;

I want to be in a place where there is peace.
I want a world where there is no war.
I want a paradise that’s peaceful.

I want the type of blood that keeps me going.
I want a heart that keeps no secret.
I want a heart filled with love and no expectations.
I want to be able to keep my patience at all time.
I want the ego in me within my control.
I want a lip that smiles all the time.
I want to be as serene as the sunset.
I want to live a live that fits my age.

I want a friendship that’s heartwarming.
I want words that would not hurt anyone.
I want a strength that can tame the tiger.
I want a force that’s as strong as the lightning.
I want good thoughts to materialize.
I want to see smiles that are sincere.
I want to be able to handle betrayal.
I want to have an eye to identify the betrayers.

I want a freedom like the wind.
I want to have the wings of a bird.

I want to have the strength to fulfill my aspirations.
I want success though hard work.
I want richness which doesn’t frighten.

Having said all I want for 2009, I just can pray hard and hope GOD gives me what I have asked for. I hope it’s not too much to ask for. YES, what ever I asked for – is for me and only me and YES, it could be selfish, but then again, I can’t change the world and at least for a start I can change my self.


I am sure you would have heard the above lines elsewhere, I must say it is not my poem, I took it from another poet. BUT, the point is, I liked this poem when I heard it for the first time I felt so energized.

We cannot expect to change the world. But, the first step is changing ourselves.

I hope I can and with you guiding me and being a friend, I am sure I will be a better person.


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