Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have always wanted to write something about LOVE. But I never had the guts. Because it would cause ripples. But then again, almost everything that happens in this world will cause ripples.

The word LOVE is so common in English – This one word will encompass everything, however in Tamil – there are many other words which would mean LOVE in English (i.e. Anbu, Pasam, Kathal etc.)

LOVE is a word that’s so powerful. It would melt everyone, and I mean everyone.

I have asked my self why it so difficult to fall in LOVE with a person that you care. But, then I realize that LOVE must come out of a feeling that’s very, very…hmmm… how I shall put it. I am just so dumb that I can’t explain.

But then I have come to a stage and realized that I know I am not a person whom anyone who want to fall in LOVE with.

Its like been there, seen it and know it and I am not in that league at all.

I tried and have failed – right from school till now.

But then again, LOVE is very much in everyone’s heart and soul and so is mine.

As I was trying to understand love better, I happen to read this poem and I LOVED it the moment I read it.

I am sharing it with all of you…

Love is....

Knowing you can be yourself,

knowing in your heart you can truely be yourself.

Love is.......

That feeling you get,

whether upon sight,

with the joy that brings,

or on departure, with the pain that never stops happening.

Love is....

That magical moment,a kiss, a touch,

a glance,a gaze, a yearning,

the knoweldge in your heart that this is a once in a lifetime feeling.

Love truely truely is.....

All you've never had,

All you've ever wanted,

It captured you and holds you,

makes you understand what you've found,

It lets your heart be free,

and sooths your very soul,

It holds you in its grasp each day asyou cast your mind to the one you know so well.

Love is......

All we've become...

all we may or may not be.

But...Lodged in both our hearts,


forever and always.


Yes it can be painful and yes this is a dedication.


Novinthen said...

Well brother,

Love is a subjective matter. I don't know much about it, but I know few people who love you as a friend , a leader, a mentor. * that would include me as well ;-) *

Is that not enough brother?

Life is never fair to anyone brother. Valkaiye oru adjusment taney. How much truth this one liner contains!..

Please watch this video : - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uASVzkrEKgs

Premnath Agamutu said...

Fuiyoh chief... just when I thought I know you well, you show a completely new jiwang side! :p