Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I was interviewed today for a RTM’s documentary. They spoke to me about Malaysia’s so called ‘Social Contract’ and also on the Royal Institution.

Following are my comments;

  • Yes, we are all aware of the Social Contract although I have never seen a contract signed by anyone representing the communities in this country, but, yes I am aware there is something called ‘Social Contract’.
  • The Social Contract’s reference point would be the Federal Constitution’s Article 153 – as that is the only document which we in Malaysia can refer as the best reference of the Social Contract.

  • The Social Contract need to be revisited as I was made to understand that the Reid Commission which drafted the Federal Constitution have made a recommendation that after 15 years of independence we will review the Article 153 (which is the main crux of the so called ‘Social Contract’).

  • The success of YAB Prime Minister’s Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak’s ONE MALAYSIA would very much depend on the review of the Article 153.

  • The Royal Institution is an institute that should be respected and guarded by all Malaysians. We should and must not be ungrateful towards the Institution.

  • We have learned ever since school through the 5 Principles of the Country ‘RUKUNEGARA’ and the National Anthem ‘NEGARA KU’ on how important we have placed them.

  • The government should enforce tough penalties for those who insult this institution.

  • Most Malaysian’s are very proud to be a MALAYSIAN but then again a few MALAYSIANS with a mask trying to show that they are the sole crusader for their community challenge many of our traditional structure and crate chaos which then goes to the street.

  • We need to understand the simple meanings of ‘Gotong Royong’ or even ‘Muhibbah’. Many have forgotten the meaning of these words.

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