Monday, June 1, 2009


I have always thought that when an article is written it should at least have 500 words or more. Article is also defined as a piece of writing or even an editorial, but then, there is also another meaning that says commentary.

If you have been following my blog since the day I started to blog. You would have noticed that my article would have at least 500 words and from now no more.

Why you may ask?

There are many reasons to it, but the first on the list is off course Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and off course my ‘Abang’ Rocky’s Bru.

If you have read their articles, it has the 3 ‘S’ factors and I liked it.

What’s the 3 ‘S’?

Short, Sweet and Straight to the point.

Let me start today with My Views;


I have been asked a few times on this subject whenever I appear on a TV Talk Show and I have not changed my opinion since then.

I believe as Malaysians we have been thought from school to not only be respectful to the KING & QUEEN but to the nation as well.

Unfortunately, off late, for political and personal agenda’s a few Malaysians have decided to challenge the teachings. Off course, we have the right to do what we want to do; after all it’s a democratic country.

But, please do not tarnish the loyalty to the KING and The NATION.

Please remember, The Nation’s 2nd principle is the LOYALTY TO THE KING AND NATION and the 4th line in our National anthem says (And that) OUR KING REIGN IN PEACE.

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