Sunday, November 29, 2009


I was attending a temple festival at the Tenaga Nasional grounds last night (28th November 2009). This temple is runned by the staffs of Tenaga Nasional and i must congratulate Tenaga Nasional's Management for allowing their hindu staffs to built a simple but yet a beautifull temple within the grounds of Tenaga Nasional in Bangsar - This actually shows how much they value the beliefs and the principles in the RUKUNEGARA - Belief in GOD.

Having said that, as my eyes was wondering i looked at the tall Tenaga Nasional Building and i was shocked to see that the lights on their logo was either fused or not functioning and then i realised, why NAMAWEE was very angry with them.

But then again, here again, Tenaga Nasional does not even have the time to change the bulbs that is fused and above all, this Tenaga Nasional's name from the building could be seen by anyone who is using the Federal Highway or even the Bangsar roads.

If you notice the picture above carefully you will find the alphabets E, A and L missing.

So NAMAWEE, please dont be to angry brother, Tenaga Nasional have not even replaced their fused bulbs in their Headquarters.


Maaran Matters said...

What a joke?

Can't even look after own house and only MIC goons like you can be proud of this.

Wake up Mr.Information Chief, Its 2010 for god's sake.

PKamalanathan said...

Dear Mr. Maaran Matters,

Thank you very much for reading my article.

I always remember one thing 'it takes one stupid person to identify another'.

I rellay dont know what goon is all about - perhaps you know it better.

I am all awake and am doing my bit to the community in my own way.

I am sure you are also doing you bit.

I woke in October 1965 and will sleep for a long time when the time comes.

MIC is doing well and i thank you for your concern. Our achievements in this country may not so great, but whatever achivement we have done we are happy and its a great achievement for us.

GOD BLESS YOU wherever you are sir.


Maaran Matters said...

Dear Mr.Kamalanathan,

I am so glad you identified me.

You woke up in 1965 and yet have not opened your eyes, what a pity.

But I am amazed at what a man who have not opened his eyes YET can be appointed misINFORMATION chief by another blind man.

Like you said "it takes a stupid person to identify another"
I got to agree on this GREAT achievement bro...

Have a pleasant day too..... while you can

PKamalanathan said...

Dear Mr. Maaran Matters,

Once again thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your intilegent comments of which i was amazed - WELL DONE.

You accepted the fact that i have identified you and you have said i have not opened my eyes - what an irony.

Thank you again for accepting the statement - for once you agree with me.

My days may not be as pleasent as yours is, but as long is i live i will do my best.

Maaran Matters said...

Dear Mr.Kamalanathan,


The other blind man is your chief.
and i saw both of you.

You didn't see me.
You have never.... just like any MIC politicians.