Sunday, November 29, 2009


Sharing an article i read on the net written by Encik Mydin Baharuddin:

I don’t know whether it is naivety or sheer desperation for political survival that the opposition leader attended the occasion organized by the artifical HINDRAF leaders.

As it stands, with the showdown with Jeffrey & Zaid, Anwar seems to be embarking in a path in recruiting or shall I say endorsing suspicious personalities.

Similar to Najib who jumped the gun to endorse Makkal Sakthi Party Malaysia, Anwar seems to be acting in sequence to endorse another offshoot of the HINDRAF movement who lacks credence.

Foot for thought, the architect who financed and brought in Makkal Sakthi Party into BN was this philanthropist OMS Thiagarajan who is closely associated with Datuk S. Subramaniam and owns about 40% of the tamil daily Makkal Oosai. The same person now financed the occasion that Vasantha Kumar organized and was present during the occasion that was gracefully attended by Anwar. Vasantha Kumar is also known within the Klang community to have close relationship with one K.P.Samy, the undying ally of Datuk S. Subramaniam and practically attends all the MIC functions since his release from ISA.

Why Anwar would even engage such skeptical & suspicious character bemuses me unless it politics as usual.

It is so obvious; all these purported HINDRAF leaders claim that they have the support of the grassroot but only have one thing in unison that is in their own political agenda and those of the mandores both in Pakatan and Barisan National.

Anwar doesn’t seem to realize that he in turn now has been used as a pawn by this faction of HINDRAF headed by the alleged Special Branch Vasantha Kumar to launch his political career or is he so gullible to embrace someone with such dodgy credential?

At least Thanenthiran of Makkal Sakthi Party had the dignity to voice his political ambition and chose his part on what fitted him best by courting the BN faction. However this character Vasantha Kumar in his platform launches character assassination against Uthayakumar and Waythamoorthy who are synonymous with HINDRAF from day one.

Does this lend any credibility to a purported leader? Would you not rather be talking about your plans on how to uplift the society on such an occasion?

Both Uthayakumar and Waythamoorthy have proven credibility. Uthayakumar, for the last eighteen years have been battling with the police on human rights violations when everyone stood silent and watched. Waythamoorthy in highligting the plight of the marginalized Malaysian Indian and abolishment of ISA throughout the world resulted in recognization of the HINDRAF’s struggle and release of the ISA detainees.

Today, one faction is courted by BN and the other faction is courted by Anwar. What is baffling is why neither party could ever court the originators of HINDRAF?

In my view, I think both these political parties rather have a politically motivated personality under its reign rather than one with a steadfast goal who would fight for justice and equality based on the needs of the society such as the original HINDRAF have been doing for the Malaysian Indians even if some may call it racist.

Sitting in a neutral position, all I can presume is Anwar has definitely lost his bearing besides his oratory skills in identifying and pursuing what is just and equal for his own political goals.

Anwar, I hope you know what you are doing, as this guy could end up being another political trap for you as was the Saiful episode.

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