Friday, December 25, 2009


Dear Friends,

I am reproducing an article which was written by me recently and made plenty of heads turn, let it be in the on-line media or even the print media.

I am indeed glad that i came out with the article, off course, i will not force anyone to agree with me, but, i have stated my case and its up to the readers to accept it or otherwise.

I will continue to write and express my opinions and i will never force anyone to accept it.

While very few people have commented on them, i am indeed pleased that hundres of friends called and thanked me for coming out with an article to explain to all Malaysian's what steps MIC has taken to continue its role in the community.

In MIC we are commited to the cause and we will not let it go - even though there are critisism amongst a handfull Malaysian Indians - You can say whatever you want to say.

For all those friends who have commented on the Online Media '' - I thank you very much, i have read your comments and i know how much of passion you have for the community, one thing for sure - i have read them and i understand your opinion. I may not agree to some of the opinion and the type of words that you have mentioned, but who am i to tell you, how you should write and how should not write.

All i wanted to do is to tell Malaysians what we have done and what we want to do, and, i have done that, and, i will continue to do so.

The article goes on like this;

These are tumultuous times for political parties who inhabit the landscape of the Malaysian political scene.

Since 2008 general election it cannot be denied that there have been profound changes in the way political parties have to strive to become more attuned to the voice of the people as well as their explicit and implicit needs.

Although the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) fared badly in the last general election yet with challenges also come the opportunity for growth and change that is needed to evolve and adept to better fulfill the purpose and agenda of the party and nation.

The party has been around since 1946 and part of the reason for its longevity is the ability of the party to re-mould and re-shape itself whenever the need arises.

In this vein of thought the MIC has taken numerous steps to strengthen itself and navigate the today’s choppy political waters successfully. After much soul searching it is with quiet confidence and sturdy faith that I believe the MIC is on track to become the voice of the Indian community of this country again.

The party has consolidated itself and become more united than ever. New blood with new ideas has been given the opportunity to serve and a strong platform to do so. The parties last Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the election results have brought in three new vice presidents and also many new young faces to the Central Working Committee (CWC).

Youthful choices were also made for by the president in appointing critical positions within the party such as secretary general, treasurer general and information chief.

Besides this the party has also been very steadfast in reinventing itself from within thru various workshops and forums.

The re-branding exercise is going at full throttle and the members are being sensitized to change themselves and move towards a people centric and optimum service performance level to better reach and impact the community in line with the honorable Prime Ministers call of people first performance now.

The party duly strengthened is now focusing very efficiently in bringing the Indian communities grouses to the forefront of the government. The people’s needs and aspirations are the utmost priority of the party and all tools that enhance this aim are continuously being sharpened and bettered.

The MIC is thus poised to remain as the voice and conduit of the community to reach the government and fulfill their potential.

On the other hand other parties that claim to champion rights of the Indian community seem to have lost their momentum after a crescendo of false starts.

The Malaysian Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP) being a case in point of this scenario, barely six months old and they are already facing a leadership tussle and severe politicking and infighting within the party.

Hindraf movement leader P.Uthayakumar hasn’t done anything productive or constructive for the community since its formation.

The Hindraf 5 behind the November 25th rally has all broken up and constantly finger pointing instead of working to ease the plight of the community.

Even within the Barisan Nasional (BN) Indian based political parties have their share of issues. The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) hierarchy seems busy and content to play presidents musical chair while the Registrar of Societies (ROS) figures out the winner.

The Indian Progressive Front (IPF) has lost direction and motivation since the untimely demise of Tan Sri M G Pandithan, they too are caught in legal battles and polemics of position clamoring within the party.

On the opposition front several peoples representatives in Selangor who are Indians have voiced their dissatisfaction over their own state government’s efforts to help the Indian community. One PKR parliamentarian has gone as far to say that the state government has lost the support of the vital Indian bloc because of their ineffectiveness in dealing with the problems of the Indians within the state.

All these points have cemented the position and validated the argument that the MIC is the ideal institution to represent the Indian community in this country. The MIC is aware of the grave responsibility such a position entails as is doing and will continue to do all that is needed and that is best to further spur the growth of the Indian society in Malaysia. The party will continue to be the beacon of the community in safeguarding their interests and unearthing opportunities for the community’s social, financial, economic, cultural and academic well being.


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Maaran Matters said...

Well guys,

MIC is not at all qualified to talk about HINDRAF.

Indian community with still be under MIC's spell if not for awakening mantra by HINDRAF.

MIC will continue to carry the beacon away for the community to scramble in darkness.

You guys never change.
Same shit, different team
(same boss)

Anonymous said...

I laughed my ass off reading this article. Its like saying 'your ass is a darker shade of black than mine'!!

Anonymous said...

In your dream la!

Anonymous said...

I think let Utayakumar, CM Lim Eng Guan and Senator K. Ahmad narrow down the income bet. the rich and the poor for the Indians, Chinese and Malays respectively. When you become YB recommends this 'talkers' to form a committee.

I think you and the Barisan people try to narrow down the per capita income between races. Taking into account the Indian Per Capita as a median index

Imagine if Palanival is selected as a Senator the rich Indian will become richer. Why not be given an Indian in Malaya Estate who is also strong supporter of MIC and educated, but a poor person.

MEB will not be achieved if Senator post is not given to the poor Indian who can also talk about legislation- to pass law. E.g during the Friday prayers there are many oil palm thieves. Recruit more Indian police so that they can round up the oil palm plantation during the prayers, and pass heavy penalty. If Kanama is selected as Senator he can easily pass this bill. If Palanial, he debates more in the Parliment but do not know what to do with the bill so they waste time debating until late night. Kanama will say, "You all not from the estate. Stop talking too much. I am from the estate so just put up our hands for those in favour of the new bill".

Anonymous said...

wake up.. after 50 years and Indians are still the same.. do you think MIC can help you all?? it's all about money to the top people.. poor indians will remain poor... really pity you guys.. wake up...

Anonymous said...

What ever said and done, Indian are still lagging behind in everything, MIC is Samy Velu so dont talk about representing Indian in this country. So even voting for PKR will not improve much but still its better than voting for SAMY.

Semi Vellu said...

You drank samsu before writing this c@#p?

Anonymous said...

if you doesn't lie..then you are not from bn...

samurai said...

plz la kamalanathan..ur talking nonsense..since 1946 mic had the chance to help Indians, but wat happen??? u guys had the pie and thrown tid bits to the community and claim to be helping an indian and really wish ull lose the election