Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Yesterday [6th June 2010] was indeed an important day in my life, i was sworn in as the Member of Parliament of Hulu Selangor. It was not only a happy moment for me, but also for my family and friends and also for my Party - Malaysian Indian Congress and Barisan Nasional.

Today is yet another important day for me;

My first parliamentary question would be up today. You may want to know what is the question. 

My question is directed to the Minister of Human Resources;

"I want to know what are the measures taken to overcome the problem of water facilities for estate residents; and

whether the Government will formulate a policy to make all estate owners be responsible for electricity and water supply facilities to the estate communities."

I am indeed looking forward for an reply and will keep you posted.

Just for your information, right now, YAB Deputy Prime Minister is replying a question raised by Dato' Nuraini bt Ahmad [MP - Parit Sulong].


the onlooker said...

Congrats on your swearing in.
And now the hard work begins..

Anonymous said...

Dear YB..Yes good..but dont be too disillusioned about the system in a Parliamentary democracy.It may be too many rules and decorum which you must get adjusted..the speaker, the clerk of parliament etc etc..they have rules and regulations ,without that the system cannot function..so be patient and abide by the house rules especially...

Wake UP! said...

Congrates sir for your first question. MIC should care about the problems faced by the Indian community.

It is so unfair for the Indians in Hindraf to blame UMNO for the problems faced by Indians since many parties are formed solely to care for the Indians.

It's a miracle that non of the Israeli commandos was killed by the so called terrorists.

adrian said...

Blessings of the Almighty be upon YB and your family. I do not mean to judge you so early in your new found carrier, so would rather look at it as some early advice. I did leave a comment when it was rumoured that you would be the candidate for HS, have also seen some your footage visiting your constituents on MSM after the by election, great job and I know you must be extremely bz but my dear YB, i fear that you MAY forego your principles and views on issues which was clearly evident in your earlier postings. And also you take quite some time to update and upload new postings....and now this posting, make me feel that even though it is an exciting and memorable moment for you, you seem to be like a new Std 1 student but I sincerely hope that the energy you need to perform as an MP will be like a young, vibrant and vocal person. Plse blog more often eventhough it may be short and not so important, blog on your views and opinions and not what the "master" wants.
Lastly, one question? what are your views on the current MIC issue?
God Bless, YB

Maaran Matters said...

Bravo Bro,

What a question?

1st one huh.... OK lah

Well, what abt those Indian students being discriminated in effort to stop them from progressing?

What abt the govt effort to make indians cont to be labour community in malaysia?

What abt doing all this year after year..... and what is the world are you, your party and its chair hugging president doing abt it?

Bro, you may just end up being suspended like Sothinathan....

Question is .... DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES????????

Lets see

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the achievement. I may not be from your country or in your industry but let me know if I can help.

Aamer Trambu
News Reporter
Press TV