Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Utusan Malaysia Online - Parlimen

Utusan Malaysia Online - Parlimen


Wake UP! said...

Tahniah saudara kerana telah menjadi ahli Parlimen.

Berilah khidmat sumbangan sebaik-baiknya untuk penduduk di Hulu Selangor.

IDF troops praised by Netanyahu.

Maaran Matters said...

Why is Indians being denied opportunity to study?

Mr.Information Chief cum MP,
What are you doing abt it?

What is your boss doing abt it?

When will this stop?

Andi said...

Dear YB, i know u have been busy with the new job, but i am one of the resident of hulu selangor, bukit beruntung to be specific.

i just wonder what happen to turun padang? i think u should start cycle back around hulu selangor, please dont be just be there when there is election, im a strong supported of BN and i was fighting for u in the recent election of hulu selangor. by all means, keep u word.