Monday, November 22, 2010


Yes indeed, it was a Bingo day for me in the Parliament as i was able to speak twice, earlier on budget matters relating to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and now with regards to the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities. 

Following are the matters i raised;

  • Congratulated the Ministry for being able to do a good job in not only promoting Malaysian Palm Oil, but, also being able to defend its strength and promote it all over the world. Also congratulated them on their willingness to work closely with the Indonesian government not only in promoting palm oil but also to fight the anti-palm oil campaign which in being orchestrated by our competitors.
  • The allocation of RM24 million ringgit may not be enough to fight the war against our competitors. We are facing various issues while we promote palm oil; environmental issues, nutritional issues, work force issues, competitors false information against palm oil. With so many things to do, and our competitors are financially rich, the government should consider providing more financial assistance to the Palm Oil campaign strategies.
  • Also touched on the Malaysian Institute of Plantation and Commodity - It is indeed a commendable initiative to set-up an institute of this nature as it would help the local work talent to garner more experiance and we would be able to teach them how to serve the industry better. However, has the Institute served its objective? How many students have the Institute produced? and what are the future plans of the Institute?
  • Also thanked the government for agreeing to develop the Lembaga Getah Malaysia's land in Sungai Buloh, it would surely bring a lot of development and benefits to the local residents there. My question to them was, when will they start to develope that land.

Am now waiting to hear the reply from the Deputy Minister.

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