Monday, November 22, 2010


After a week break, Parliament sitting continued today.

We begin where we left on 11th November 2010 - Discussion on Committee stage on Rang Undang-undang Perbekalan 2011.

Today, it was the turn for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities to listen and later to explain the details which was presented in the budget 2011.

I manage to partake in the debate during the discussion with regards to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, following are the issues i raised;

  • That while Taiwan have given Malaysians an entry into their country without having a Visa, i thought it would only be fair that we do the same - no need to obtain a Visa for Taiwanese to obtain a Visa to visit Malaysia.
  • What was even more disturbing was that, recently we also revoked the Visa On Arrival not only for Taiwan, but also a few other countries.
  • I requested that we lift the Visa On Arrival in order to have more tourist visiting Malaysia as Malaysia seems to be a favorite tourist spot.
  • As for Taiwan, it is only fair, since Taiwan does not require us to have Visa to visit their country, its only fair we do the same.

The second issue i raised to the Ministry was with regards to a certain politicians who travel the world and discredit Malaysia. Not only they discredit Malaysia, but they also spread lies and damage the good name of Malaysia.

They go against the 2nd Principle of the country that was thought to all Malaysians since we were in school 'KESETIAAN KEPADA RAJA & NEGARA' or 'LOYALTY TO THE KING & NATION'.

They do this to seek sympathy, they do this so that foreigner have bad thoughts on Malaysia. If they can do this just to seek sympathy and support - one can wonder what other things they are capable of doing to win elections in this country.

I requested the Ministry to identify ways and means to curb such actions and if needed a law to be drawn so that politicians are carefull when they speak about Malaysia overseas.

I am now waiting to speak again this time on the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities - Hope to be 2nd time lucky today.


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