Monday, November 1, 2010


Jawapan yang saya terima daripada YB Menteri Kerjaraya;

Kementerian Kerja Raya sememangnya sedar dan mengambil maklum mengenai isu kesesakan dan peningkatan aliran trafik di Jalan Persekutuan 1(FT01) antara bandar rawang ke Serendah melalui Sg. Choh. khususnya pada waktu puncak. Bedasarkan Bancian Trafik Kebangsaan 2009, purata trafik harian yang dicatatkan di laluan tersebut  ialah sebanyak 30,000 kenderaan sehari.

Sehubungan itu, antara alternatif yang sedang dilaksanakan Kerajaan bagi mengurangkan kesesakan di jalan tersebut ialah seperti berikut;

  • Pembinaan projek Jalan Pintas Rawang (Rawang By-Pass) - Sehingga kini fasa pertama sepanjang 18.5 kilometer tealh di siapkan dalam Rancangan Malaysia Ke-sembilan (RMKe-9). Skop projek fasa 1 itu melibatkan pembinaan dan naik taraf jalan 4 lorong 2 hala dari persimpangan Sungai Chu hingga ke Taman Warisan Negeri di Templer Park dengan kos sebanyak RM260.5 juta.
  • Dalam RMKe-10 pula, Kementerian Kerja Raya telah mencadangkan pembinaan fasa 2, iaitu melibatkan skop pembinaan elevated structure sepanjang 3.3 kilometer melalui Taman Warisan Negeri dengan anggaran kos projek RM397 juta.
  • Dari aspek perancangan jangka panjang pula, Kajian Pelan Induk Pembangunan Rangkaian Jalanraya (HNDP) Fasa 1 telah mengenal pasti keperluan bagi menaik taraf Jalan Persekutuan 1 (FT01) dari Templer Park hingga ke sempadan Negeri Perak.

Perlaksanaan projek ini akan di cadangkan dalam rolling plan kedua RMKe-10.


Anand said...

Thanks kamalanathan for the good info but I would rather say it came way too late.

It took years for the BN government to reliase the problem faced by the people commuting daily from rawang to KL and vice versa. Also worth noting that this strecth from rawang to KL has consumed many lives right before your eyes before the government embarked on road expansion and widening. And noticebaly, all the projects are now fast tracked in attempt to win back selangor state while BN was moving at snail speed (even slower) when it was in the power regime till the fall in 2008.

can you see the difference now.

Is worth mentioning that the residents in Bandar Country Homes, Bandar Tasik Puteri and sorrounding are facing the same traffic problem day in day out. I wonder how many years it will take for the government to correct this. Only god knows.

If rawang is just getting its allocation in RM9 and RM10, it will be probably that RM 15 or RM 17 before those BCH & BTP residents can see their traffic chaos is resolved.

you now what is the root cause of all this. poor planning, wastage of funds, too long in power to even notice what are the people's suffering from.

PKamalanathan said...

Dear Mr. Anand,

There are many things that we need to do throughout the country and as a responsible government, we are indeed doing our very best.

It is important that the road near Bandar Country Homes, Tasik Puteri needs to be upgraded, but, please do not forget, that there are some places that dont even have a road, as such, at times, we need to see who needs it more and how fast.

Like how i have raised the issue in the Parliament, your MP should do the same, but i have not heard your MP asking question benefiting the rakyat there.

In the meantime, i thank you for reading and commenting in my blog.

Judy said...

As a resident of Bukit Beruntung (Sek. BB2)I would like to request your assistance to address the landfill stench (located near the toll) that we are facing daily. On a hot day after the rubbish is dumped there the smell is overpowering. I really feel more sorry for the toll booth staff who have to endure this. You promised a lot of things will be done to improve this place during the election and we are still waiting.

Please DO NOT BE JUST LIKE THE POLITICIANS BEFORE YOU. All talk no action. The people residing in Kg. Timah, Rasa too need help and transport is one of their main concerns.

Anonymous said...

Dont know where to express my deep frustration..

It almost two hours for me to reach jaya jusco from pekan rawang. Can u feel how i feel stuck in this blody traffic..even now i'm still stuck crawling like a snails...

When this issue can be over??