Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My 100th article.....

I started to blog in 2006 after 3 of my friends encouraged me to do so; B Mahendran, K Novinthen and R Amutha and since then i have been blogging.

I have always mentioned in my previous articles - im not a BLOGGER per-se but am a 'SEASONAL BLOGGER', but then after 5 years, it looks like im getting in full gear BLOGGING now.

Perhaps being elected into the Parliament has made me realise and aware how important blogging is. Infact, during the bye-elections which i contested in April 2010, many of my friends who are active bloggers were kind enough to introduce me as a Blogger and that helped me a lot.

There were times during the last 5 years i gave up on blogging, i just had no inspiration to write and at times not knowing what to write. At that point of time, i must thank my best friends Thomas Samuel, S Suganthi and Shamini Chandrasekaran who gave me plenty of inspiration and at times gave me constructive criticism to carry on.

I used to write lengthy articles (probably because im a public relations practitioner) but after reading articles written by Y. Bhg. Datuk Ahiruddin Atan and Y. Bhg. Datuk Ahmad A Talib, i realised that simple, short and straigth to the point articles were the best way to attract readers - i try to do that, but i have still to get there. I will soon.

Despite being a seasonal blogger, i manage to organise BLOGGERS BUFF for 2 years and again i had a very supportive team in the name of K Novinthen, B Mahendran, R Amutha, N Puvanan, Tim Fernandez, Felicia Wong and i would love to organise them again.

Thru organising BLOGGERS BUFF i met some very good friends who have been my good friends till today and i value their friendship.
I must say, the lies that was spread about me on my education qualification did increase the number of readers - I thank the liers for lying. I guess we can never stop anyone from saying what they want to say - they will do just about anything to damage the character of a person (by hook or crook). I have told my self, i would rather stop blogging than writing lies and will not get into that.

I would also like to thank all my PUTERA MIC Puteran's for reading and promoting my website to their friends.

YES, there were a few suggestion on various topics that i should write as my 100th article, all the topics which we suggested via facebook, twitter and sms would be written soon, i like the topics suggested.

For those who sent comments which were vulgar and attacking my parents - I am sorry, i would not be able to publish your comments and i will never publish them.

Finally my dear friends - I thank you very much for all the encoragements, motivations and above all reading my articles. I know at times the spelling and the grammer is bad, but, sorry lah - tak sengaja.

I am happy i got into this world of blogging, my writtings are being read by more than 1,000 readers in a week and from all over the world.

As for, will this be the last article, NO I DON'T THINK SO - Unless death takes me away. But then again, if death does come by - at least my writting will still be here for all to read.


Revind said...

Thank you Anna.Your words of encouragement will inspire more young people to start and carry the new wave of bloggers..Bravo to you!

tulipspeaks said...

Thanks for the mention, YB.
Good luck!